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At this point, I'm looking for someone I can actually do stuff with. For their parents versus their friends? What do they value?

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Timeline for Optimal Use: You'll first analyze your bachelor or bachelorette's ethos, writing an evaluation of their values and character based on evidence from their self-summary. Vegetarianism is very important to me. Nowadays I work as a drawing teacher and occasionally as a model for the faculty students.

Try a new restaurant. OkCupid profiles offer a glimpse of more pragmatic, everyday ethos: I read a lot, enjoy a good movie often and listen to music all the time. But that passion I left it behind to replace it with music.

Teaching Ethos Using Online Dating Profiles | DWRL Lesson Plans

How does this person generate or fail to generate goodwill? What kind of person are they? Once you have a clear baby schwimmweste testsieger dating of your person, you will make an argument as to why they "fit" with one of the matches provided - again, based on character and shared values.

However, I'm not a touchy feely person. I work hardly everyday to become a vegan and I'm expecting to totally achieve it by this year. Is anything in their profile alienating? But sometimes even the monks must fight and stand up for the weak.

I do these things because they make me feel great, not because I'm high-maintenance or girly.

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Notes on Reception, Execution, etc.: There is, perhaps, no clearer instance of an argument based on character than online dating profiles. My heart and spiritual well being is very important to me, that being said I take good care of myself and my relationships with others.

Looking at their compositions encourages students to focus on how people generate or fail to generate goodwill, and how they convey particular values through their writing. So, if you would prefer to find example profiles on your own, you'll need to open an account.

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That is why I have had to learn to cook vegan, which I succesfully achieved. How do they address their potential matches? If you have an immediate reaction to the person's profile, try to identify what sparked the reaction. I didn't use the full profiles as part of the class discussion, though I'm toying with the idea of doing so next time around.

They find it thoroughly memorable and enjoyable, although I'm not sure that makes it the most pedagogically valuable lesson I've taught.

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My students love this exercise. I would recommend formatting them into some sort of chart so as not to impose a vertical hierarchybut for accessibility's sake, I'll simply post the text here.

I'd much rather do sometime fun than sit an complain all day about how messed up the world is. Each person's profile essentially makes the argument that "you should date me because of who I am.

Anyways I'm just saying I'm not like that or here for that. Ha They are some strange people out there that much is curtain so lets not think it's only you ladies that get weird messages from people.

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Go to a play. Ok, I guess I already did this too long. I enjoy womanly things like getting my nails done and putting makeup on. So I would love feedback in the comments section if you try this plan in your classroom.

Teaching Ethos Using Online Dating Profiles

I have the best Romani vegan dishes you'll ever taste if we ever meet. After students break off into groups to assess the ethos presented in the profiles they are given and write short descriptions of their candidates, then we discuss their assessments as a group.

Students will likely have a lot of fun with the exercise, but both times I've implemented the plan, I have had to work to keep the conversation from devolving into making vun of the profile in question. The first person to contact me on this site, turned out to be a homeless stripper.

Cause we all Know it is.