Anyone miss the glory days of We Got Married esp w/ idol couples? - Movies & Television - OneHallyu Anyone miss the glory days of We Got Married esp w/ idol couples? - Movies & Television - OneHallyu

Is khuntoria really dating 2018 chevy, are 2pm's nichkhun and f(x)'s victoria still close? | yahoo answers

Pinay Sex Scandal Real Life tags: I was never able to get into watching We Got Married at first cause of lack of interest, but that all changed when I zapfino schrift online dating Nickhun Oppa and Victoria Noona on the series.

Taemin was head over heels for Naeun who was pretty shy. I think they're the most natural couple among all couple in wgm: Are you dating Victoria at the moment? So lovey dovey, always kissing each other's hands, and probably the most pda couple.


Do you believe OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife and her friend in? Carribean Bay was their 1st couple CF. I would use my shooting star wish to make them become a real couple. Khuntoria took their 1st shooting on June 1st in 63 Building 5. They make me believe that true love does exist in this complicated world because I see love in their eyesand the feelings they have for each other.

Khuntoria caught kissing at a baseball game??

I do find that part weird after all the lovey-dovey BS that they. If someone were to tell me now that their relationship was fake and scripted I wouldn't be able to believe it, their relationship in the whole series was just so natural and cute that they really looked like a very in love newlywed couple.

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Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon - Seungyeon isn't an idol but she was once a trainee so I'm counting them here and they're also my favorite couple. Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood? White boy fucked by black guy real life in tags: They're really the best couple ever, they took care of each other as a real couple, and they're matching so well together!

Khuntoria Dating Real Life. Are 2pm's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria still close? | Yahoo Answers

They are so cute together like haha I really hope they get married together in the future like for reals!

I hope they can be a real couple cause they're such a sweet couple. They have the same dream to open a restaurant if they are no longer an entertainer. If they were faking, they should be awarded as the best actor and actress in the whole universe. Cried so hard the last episode. Khuntoria has many fans not only in Korea but internationally.

Khuntoria Dating Real Life

I hope they will not to stop meet each other and I hope they become true couple and then married. Their filming has ended at August 31, I keep silence as I absorb what he says.

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I love the way they stares at each other and take good care. We Got married ended and who knows when it's coming back but honestly miss watching this show.

Khuntoria Are They Really Dating

I really hope they'd date in real life! When in the black room for Maldives episode, Khun said whenever he was asked about Maldives, the one he will remember is Victoria, as well as Vic when she was asked about Maldives she will always remember Khun.

Those same delusional shippers are the ones terrorizing his own girlfriend and threatening their love.

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They spent days as a Virtual couple. They bonded over music and even made a song together Fanaccount here read on post 1, Real dating slut throats tags: Nichkhun very handsome and cute victoria is pretty or beautiful victoria cooking good nichkhun take a good care of victoria More8 Popular Latest.

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Their visuals together was stunning. Sure they're all super busy with hectic schedules doing their own things, but not even text?