Jan-Michael Vincent, recovering alcoholic admits he's lucky to be alive | Daily Mail Online Jan-Michael Vincent, recovering alcoholic admits he's lucky to be alive | Daily Mail Online

Jan michael vincent amputee dating, who is jan-michael vincent dating right now?

My world is doing all right.

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Also, every now and then I get letters from fans out there who are still loving Jan. Some fans are very young. I spend a lot of time with him and enjoy it very much.

Whatever Happened To: Jan Michael Vincent

What is it about him that makes us keep hanging on? Hopefully we will defrost soon. He still has so much hair and I still love that smile, it still warms me up.

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He was still early but only five weeks and is doing well but needs to put some weight on those little bones. Do not reproduce without permission. The actor still struggles with alcoholism and won't like to disclose when he got sober.

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I sent my manuscript for Jan-Michael Vincent: Not much news going around about Jan. Now, I have two little grandbaby boys.


Sometimes I resist coming to the website because I don't even know if anyone ever comes to it anymore but I do have some news to report with the new west hills mall ghana website dating about Jan as written by David Grove.

She has now been home for three weeks.

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I hope she is well too. I would like to tell you something very good but will have to hold it for now until I have more information so I'll leave you with a few more photos on gallery page Vincent has admitted that he was already battling alcoholism while filming "Airwolf".

It would be nice to hear what Jan is doing these days but we'll keep on guessing. I will add to this website and keep it up as long as I can no matter what they say.

Anyway, as I said I'm just glad to hear that Jan is still around.

Jan-Michael Vincent Dating History

The accident caused a permanent injury in his vocal cords giving him a permanent rasping voice. Book will be published by Bear Manor Media. A couple were from Australia and such lovely things were said, such as: He still remembers most things about his life though he's reluctant to talk about it.

He's been a surviver against many other challenges and I don't see this will be any different. Every now and then we get some new material about Jan's career to look over. Every now and then Jan still comes to my mind and I wonder how he is doing.

He is the author of the books Fantastic 4: We'll keep the faith as you say. Stay well, all you good people. I do look forward to hopefully going over some of the old pages and update them. Some of you can read this and some of us will just browse through it but nevertheless it's nice to see.

It makes me wonder how many more photos may be out there that we've not yet seen. Spada says, "I interviewed him in his rustic Topanga Canyon garden. To see he new JMV video, click here: On a personal note I've been very busy this year adopting a nine year old girl from China.

Jan-Michael Vincent

Don't have much else to share with you at this time as is usually the case. I wish the article was a little longer with more detail but nice to see just the same. I really can't say what words were spoken if any but I woke up that morning with a refreshed and hopeful feeling that not all was lost yet.

He is the author of book Making Friday the 13th among others. Had to show you this. I hope you had a good day, though it's not over yet. Vincent got a peripheral artery disease and contracted a severe complication of leg infection in I've been thinking for a while now to come back here but somehow I've not had the courage however I noticed that in the last few months or so fans have been active again, writing, inquiring about Jan.

He and his wife and little girl were a delight Thanks to all those who wrote with some thoughts about Jan and the website. He will always be the gold standard, and Brad Pitt doesn't measure up! I can't really give you any updates on Jan because there aren't any that I know of and really just to know that he's still out there somewhere is enough for me.

Jan-Michael Vincent leg amputation?

It seems that is the only time he makes the news, only when something is wrong. Jan is young, natural and beautiful. Finally, getting better now but the later part of December I spent in bed.

Vincent's rise to stardom kicked off when he landed the role of gutsy Matt in the superb surf movie "Big Wednesday" in The '80s heartthrob's unfortunate circumstances continued when he encountered two serious car accidents.

Rememeber back in the day when we waited for the week to go by so we can see a new episode of Airwolf and here we are all these years later.

I don't even know how they all heard about Jan or why they would even care but they do.