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Removed extra "," at the beginning of parameters list.

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Improved reconstruction of the keyword ". Nearly every instruction within the class file is listed by the decompiler. The main view is a simple text-editing window where the decompiled source code is displayed.

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This means the code that is produced by the decompiler will take some time to get used to reading. Outdated, unsupported and does not decompile correctly Java 5 and later.

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Lee Benfield Updated in Supports Java up to version 6 annotations, generics, enum types. Additionally, it appears that every variable used is frontloaded under the different methods in a large block. Most are simply assigned a letter as a name.

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Pros Fast and simple to use Decompiles nearly any Java class file Cons Decompiled methods and variables require expertise to decipher No syntax highlighting or help File parsing errors disable the tree view. Mike Strobel Updated in Display constructors of Enum.

Here's a list of decompilers presented on this site: Need to know what traffic your competitors are generating?

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Fixed bug on boolean operators values. It is powered by JD-GuiProbably one of the most widely used tools for Java decompilation, as it is easy to use and provides a graphical user interface which allows to quickly open up and inspect a class file or JAR.

Free, no source-code available, jad download mirror Author: Added reconstruction of assigment operators.

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Fixed bug on recongnition the 'if' statements. Fixed bug on recongnition the 'try' statements. This can start to make it confusing when reading long expressions that involve nothing but a series of letters and operators. Needs Java 7 to run. Improved the reconstruction of the Java 5 "for-each" loops.

Key Features

Fortunately, it is simple to use any modern archiving utility to decompress JAR files and extract the class files. Has its own visual interface and plugins to Eclipse and IntelliJ. It works quickly and can decompile large class files in just a few seconds.

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This tiny application does a great job when it comes to disassembling. Enum declarations Enum and String switch statements only tested against javac 1.

Android Apk decompiler

You can also watch below video tutorial. JAD can be deployed from the command-line console and it will decompile Java classes into source code.

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Luckily I found a great online apk decompiler tool www. Users can adjust the width of the text window or tree view by dragging the divider. This all makes actually deciphering what is going on within a program confusing for novice programmers.

Fixed bug with empty default constructor.