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A red plaque in Dock Street commemorates the incident. An estimated 20, anti-fascist demonstrators turned out, and were met by 6, police including mounted policewho attempted to clear the road to permit the march of 2,—3, fascists to proceed. An estimatedresidents of the area petitioned then Home Secretary John Simon to ban the march because of the strong likelihood of violence.

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The BUF marchers were dispersed towards Hyde Park instead while the anti-fascists rioted with police. Phil Piratina member of the local branch of the Communist Party of Great Britainquickly organised opposition forces.

The event is frequently cited by the contemporary Antifa movement. See also[ edit ] Battle of George Square - a riot in Glasgow in in which William Gallacher a colleague of Phil Piratin was involved Battle of Stockton — an earlier incident between BUF members and anti-fascists in Stockton-on-Tees on 10 September Battle of Stepney - a gunfight that took place ina few streets away Christie Pits riot — a similar incident that took place in Toronto on 16 August The event is frequently invoked in contemporary British politics.

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The Young'uns ' album Strangers includes an original song, "Cable Street", telling the story of the battle. Background[ edit ] It became known that the British Union of Fascists BUF were organising a march to take place on Sunday 4 Octoberthrough the heart of the East End an area which then had a large Jewish population.

Around people were injured including police, women and children. Into mark the battle's 80th anniversary, a march took place from Altab Ali Park to Cable Street.

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He refused, and sent a police escort in an attempt to prevent anti-fascist protesters from disrupting the march. After a series of running battles, Mosley agreed to abandon the march to prevent bloodshed.

Rubbish, rotten vegetables and the contents of chamber pots were thrown at the police by women in houses along the street. Events[ edit ] The anti-fascist groups built roadblocks in an attempt to prevent the march from taking place.

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This building was originally the vestry hall for the area and later the town hall of Stepney Borough Council. The barricades were constructed near the junction with Christian Street in Whitechapeltowards the west end of this long street.

About demonstrators were arrested, although some escaped with the help of other demonstrators.