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Jaymes foster and clay aiken dating, facts & trivia

Houses & Property

He has never been married and there is no any information about his wife. To speculate either way belizean dating culture in america be pretty hurtful to both Jaymes and Clay.

During his teens, he was found singing in musicals and local theatre as well as in school choirs and church choir. J its been 9 months already?

Boyfriend and Dating?

Acknowledging your sexuality to the world becomes difficult especially when you are coming out of the closet as a gay. Clay should have adopted; it is not right to inflict this kind of confusion and undoubted ridicule upon an innocent child.

His second album Merry Christmas with Love was released at the end of He is not asking anybody else to raise his son, or have anything to do with him. He is a renowned singer and songwriter.

Parker will grow up to be a happy healthy baby with lots of love. She was obviously somewhat stunned. What is the big deal with you peopleā€¦.

Clay Aiken, Birthday on November 30th, Clay Aiken Biography, Career, Achievements.

Since she obviously has a deep friendship with Clay, she probably knows he would make the best dad, so they did this. I for one am proud of him for that. His sexuality was a matter of talking point in the media. After his high school graduation, he joined the band Just By Chance as its lead singer.

She pays him a lot of money in child support each month. Released his second album, Merry Christmas with Love November 16He has released several albums in his life.

He made his Broadway debut in the early Congrats to mlive, BethLeavel and the entire cast of BandstandBway on their opening.

Later on he also performed in the show Just by Chance and Friends.

Clay Aiken Welcomes a Baby Boy!

Think before you say something cuz it may really hurt someone!! The mother is probably a lesbian or an older woman who cannot sustain relationships and just wanted a baby.

He was also raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. Clay has been busy nowadays with Radio Channel SiriusXM and has been sharing his moments with the channel over his Twitter. The child was special as it was born with the medical boon and liberated him out of his false sexual identity as well leading him to acknowledge his gay sexuality.

Biography of Clay Aiken

Clay has done alot of good things since American Idol, and has stood up for himself through it all. What was he supposed to do? Jaymes Foster is also famous for being a producer.

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Clay Aiken proclaimed on his private blog: Clay Aiken retorted the cast as Sir Robin on 19th September and also is planned to remain throughout 4th January, Senova I think Clay will be a very good father.

Revealed that he is gay His sexuality was a matter of talking point in the media. I thought he was a nice, honest guy and that the slimy tabloids were full of lies and fabricated stories. At the end ofhe revealed that he is gay in an interview with People magazine.

It is simply going to be puzzling to the child when most other kids have a normal domestic family. Check your facts, cause you KINDA made your self look like a under-educated ass Morganbee Oh and all this stuff about him being gay, its all an assumption.

He is entitled to be happy and I am happy for him.

Did Clay Aiken Come Out As Gay Because Of His Child? Has A Boyfriend Or Too Busy To Be Dating?

Founded on album retailing surpassed through Idol winners Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken has become the flourishing male and runner-up in the history of the show. Inhe performed in several TV shows. Back inClay was spotted with his mystery boyfriend walking in Los Angeles, and some sources claim that he was in the relationship with Reed KellyDevin Finnand Jeff Walters He won this award from his later nomination.

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And also when you decide to have a child amidst gay speculations, you need extra courage to face the world. Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes! He and his friend got together, they have a baby and that baby is gunna have so much love and care. James I have no problem with Clay being gay, but I do have a problem with him conceiving a child with a 50 year old woman whom he is not romantically involved.

Sang in school choirs and church choir Clay's musical talent propped up when he was in his young age. Clay's musical talent propped up when he was in his young age. Made his Broadway debut January 18He is also popular for being an actor. I think he really loves children.

Clay Aiken spotted with his boyfriend in in Los Angeles. Clay has unconfined one EP.

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The tabloids DO tell the truth after all. Auditioned in American Idol In the earlyhe performed on the second season of American Idol.

But who the hell cares if he is gay or not, The gay community are just like us, doctors, lawyers, teachers, celebs. And the mother of the child is Jaymes Foster; she is the sis of record maker David Foster.