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Jeremiah 29 13 and 14 dating, jeremiah29:13

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And such who pretended to divine and foretell future things, and so impose upon the people, who were too apt to believe them. What he should do, and to rebuke him for not doing his office.

He says "You have the authority, just lock Jeremiah up".

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Nor should they be interrupted by their enemies. Or by legions of angels at his command: What happened to both of them?

Who really caused them to be taken captive?

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Suggesting also, that as they had ability, so they should have liberty, of building themselves houses. By beating and scourging, by pillory or imprisonment, and so restraining him from prophesying to the people.

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What is verse 14 speaking of? That they should in a very little time return from their captivity to Jerusalem.

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The false prophets pretended they were of God by saying what? Nor must any think that the Jehoiada here meant was the immediate predecessor of Zephaniah, for besides that Halat de baie barbati online dating was High Priest.

So Kimchi, Abarbinel, and Ben Melech, supply it; or, "it is long". What God planned, He also gave the people opportunity to participate in by sincere prayer verse 13; compare 1 John 5: That does according to his pleasure in heaven and in earth, with whom nothing is impossible.

Now God has given up on changing them, and will deal harshly with them. It is important to be able to determine whether a dream is of God or not.

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What were some of their sins, besides prophesying falsely? The accusation was truth, Jeremiah did say these things, or God did. Such as should not perish by the above mentioned calamities. If they are faithful God will bring them home after the 70 years.

The punishment for extremely sinful acts during this time was death by fire. Unless some other Jehoiada was meant, who was turned out, and this Zephaniah put in his stead. In the exercise of faith upon him and his promises; with fervency of spirit and passion of mind.

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This they were to do by prayer and supplication to God, and by all other means that might be any ways conducive to the good of the state where they were. It will be a long time before the captives shall return to their own land.

Nor with Ezekiel the prophet of the Lord, who was of the captivity. They were not only full of lies, but they lied and said God was speaking through them.

However, by this means Jeremiah came to the knowledge of Shemaiah's letter. That thou might have a care of religion, and particularly take care of persons who being mad or troubled make themselves prophets.

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And therefore, they should not think of it, or provide for it. God is interested in the heart of man. In the stead therefore here signified, that thou should be like the good High Priest Jehoiada. This is speaking more of the present than of the future. And acquainted him who were his accusers, and what evidence there was.

This shows the haughtiness and insolence of the false prophets in Babylon. He wants to be found. For that of a speedy return to their own land was no other than a dream, which they both dreamed themselves.

Rebellion was thought of as witchcraft.

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Look with me at what Jesus said about this very thing. Everywhere they go they will be thought of as outcasts. That lived in the several parts of the land of Judea, who were left behind, and not carried captive, when those were to whom these words are directed.

Salvation is of the heart. And plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them; referring to Jeremiah's letter see Jer. If the heart is right with God, the person is saved.

The priests had a power to restrain such persons by imprisoning them, or putting them in the stocks, by which most agree a particular punishment is expressed, but for the nature and way of it is not determined. Therefore, sad must be the case of a people giving heed to such seducing spirits.

The priests and prophets were treated no differently than the average person.

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Those who were not willing to be chastened of God by captivity, will be thought of as God's rebellious children. So odious and detestable would these men be afterwards to them, whom they, at least some of them, took to be the prophets of the Lord.

Not that they were to take wives of the Chaldeans, but of those of their own nation. In an unusual way, they will represent God to these heathens. Who were the two men who actually carried them captive to Babylon?

Through pain and victory, each new step will help them come to know Him better. The noblemen and grandees of the nation. And fancied it was from the Lord; a divine dream; and so built much upon it. It is for their good, not God's.

Or to cultivate friendship, and promise submission, and that he would faithfully keep the covenant he had made with him.

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Intimating, that while the city in which they were was in safety and prosperity, was in a flourishing condition. Not Jeconiah's wife, for he had none; but his mother, whose name was Nehushta. That their prophecies and dreams were from him, and as such they delivered them in his name.

One false prophecy was that they would only be in captivity just two or three years. We will read in the book of Daniel how the Babylonians put Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a fiery furnace.

Babylon will be their home for a long time.