Jewelry's Yewon states she starves herself when trying to lose weight Jewelry's Yewon states she starves herself when trying to lose weight

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Korean media reported that Superstar K top 10 contender Semi was likely to replace them. Jewelry released a new single in June titled "Super Star" with the song "Rally" featuring rapper Nassun.

The show started on November 17, and ended on November 12, Even if celebrities date, I really don't want them to make it obvious.

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InJewelry took a break from the Korean music industry in order to focus on Japan. Even though album sales for Again and Beloved were great, the group was unhappy with their current image, and did not want to be known for only their cute and innocent songs.

Baby J and Eunjung made their live comeback on M.

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On November 19,Baby J revealed that she will be leaving Jewelry as her contract expired last August. The mini album was released on October They made their comeback performance during the same day on M! However, this was delayed until October.

Flirtations definition of respect it have been necessary to go that far if they just ran into each other on the street and went to go eat A music video was also released and featured the group's performance of the song on Mnet's M!

That is a place where they sell gomtang in Banghwadong Doosonjin near Gimpo Airport.

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On January 7,the group was officially confirmed as disbanded. The title track, Be My Love, was also promoted. This was quickly followed by their third album Belovedwhich had a very cutesy theme. The first single "Superstar" written by Shinhwa member Lee Min-woo was a driven rock song and surprisingly became a huge hit.

Posted 07 July - They either drove there together or they were going to Gimpo Airport to go somewhere and stopped by on the way,, If it's not that, would they really have had to go that far to eat?? Following the trend in Korean popthey became sexier and more womanly, which helped bring about their current level of success.

It would be nice if it was just for a schedule,,,,, But if it's really a date, I want to just accept it and hope they date well.

The single reached a certain amount of success however it was not as successful as their previous works. Entry into Japan, breakout album: I was wondering why CNU has randomly been throwing hearts everywhere on broadcasts recently when he used to not be like that.

Has this been posted? That place was featured on 'God of Food Road' and Yewon was on that episode After releasing a few materials there with mediocre sales, the group eventually left to return to their native country to release their fourth album.

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During that time, member Ji-hyun left to pursue an acting career. History[ edit ] — On January 18,Kim Ye-won joined Jewelry. By the time their fourth album Superstar came out in the beginning ofJewelry has since shed their "cute image" concept. But we all know how some kpop fans especially Korean don't think that way haha.

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Countdown as well as scenes of Superstar K. But towards the end of November, Star Empire Entertainment, announced the digital single was postponed and the group would spend more time preparing for their next release.

And just the two of them Eunjung, Baby J, Semi's departure and disbandment[ edit ] On March 3,it was revealed that Eunjung's contract had expired and she would be leaving the group.

Two days later they announced with teaser photos the group would release a new single which was later revealed to be "Pass". Yewon joined the hit variety show Invincible Youth 2 to represent her group.