Hwang Jung Eum kisses husband on baseball date! Hwang Jung Eum kisses husband on baseball date!

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Hopefully, she will have the chance to be her own gorgeous self when she reunites with Gong Yoo! She loves living vicariously through the characters and falling in love right beside them.

Plot[ edit ] The plot revolves around the lives of the three Lee children: In the midst of coping with everything thrown in their direction, including illness, family tragedy, and bankruptcy, their love was the whole nine yards quickflirt delete account dating, marriage, and even a honeymoon.

In no particular order, here are the couples we simply must see again in They release the papers, and Jo Pil-yeon fails his objective. Kang-mo, Sung-mo, and Mi-joo.

Jealousy Incarnate

We laughed with them and we cried with them after each twist in the road. It was an amazing journey watching the two grow and fall in love, completely disregarding gender in the process.

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Which couple reunion are you most wishing for? This was exactly the kind of captivating hate-to-love relationship I enjoy watching, where the person you fell in love with was the one you least expected!

The last scene shows Kang-mo receiving word from his wife Hwang Jung-yeon Hwang Tae-seob's daughter that his long-lost brother a fourth sibling who was adopted by an American couple many years ago has come to visit him A happy ending for every single one of their past, present, and future lives would be a great bonus too!

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The whole series revolves around the brothers trying to bring down Jo Pil-yeon, who is also cunning and slippery in his political tactics. Kang-mo and Sung-mo were raised by their father's killers: A handful of kisses should be tossed into the mix as well to satisfy us for their teasing almost-kiss.

Hwang Jung-eum

To her, one of the best feelings associated with watching K-dramas is the flutter of excitement and the intense twinge that strikes her right in the heart. We just hope their reunion will have a plot just as good with a love just as strong and beautiful. Still, their one-sided love for each other, albeit at different times, was enough to stir even the coldest of hearts.

Their love kept us swooning and their interactions were often filled with amusement, but, next time, their happy ending needs to happen before the afterlife and without royal obligations.

Their realistic portrayal of the silent and gentle love between Damdeok and Sujini tugged fiercely at the heartstrings and sparked dating rumors, even without a single kiss in its episode run.

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Gone were the illogical misunderstandings, the unwillingness to communicate, the forced breakup, the lonely despair, the typical drama cliches. Even after years, they will still love each other. That is precisely why we need to see them reunited in a good and proper romance, filled with courtship, dates, and the type of happy, positive emotions that come with falling in love.

Sung-mo undergoes surgery to take the bullet out of his head, but tragically dies.

Hwang Jung Eum & Sang-wook Joo

Jo Pil-yeon tries to work in the government by making false papers. Kang-mo finds out that Sung-mo has knowledge of the contents of the real papers, and finds him.

He runs away, but is later found and arrested.

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As a result, the children were separated. For their reunion, we need kisses.

Sang-wook Joo and Hwang Jung Eum - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

His willingness to let go and step back for the sake of her happiness was enviable and her reluctance to hurt him as she, too, chose to let go was equally as admirable.

Five years and a roller coaster of all-consuming emotions later, their performance still resounds deeply in our hearts. Later, Sung-mo is shot in the head by an agent of Jo Pil-yeon. Many years later, a now-insane Jo Pil-yeon breaks out of prison to try to murder Kang-mo, but fails, and he commits suicide afterwards.

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Their father was killed by Hwang Tae-seob and Jo Pil-yeon, and their mother died in an accident. Intelligent and capable, they make up what the other lacks with their own skills for a full, well-rounded relationship.

Mi-joo becomes pregnant and goes into hiding while Min-woo desperately searches for her. Kang-mo helped Hwang Tae-seob avoid bankruptcy by advocating the use of a different landfill material, and was later adopted by Tae-seob, and Sung-mo was raised by Jo Pil-yeon, who is a KCIA official.

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Their tension was sky high, but the friend zoning was like hitting rock bottom. Their chemistry was so rocking that the entire drama took a sharp turn by switching the male lead from Ryu Shi Won to Lee Byung Hun, and boy, are we glad they did!

Who is Sang-wook Joo dating? Sang-wook Joo girlfriend, wife

After growing up and knowing the truth, the brothers set off on a quest for revenge. Mi-joo and Jo Pil-yeon's son, Min-woo, fall in love but cannot be allowed together because their families are enemies.

Miraculously, he survived, and had to hide from the KCIA.