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Continue reading to know the rest of this … [Read The Whole Story At the time she confesses she was still a virgin and a freaked out one thinking she would be severely hurt by the player if she actually went through with the deed!

This book reads like the contents of a spiral-bound notebook at times, and I'm never sure if it's a clever ploy or just bad writing. I admire her for that. Well let me give you a hand, that is Lisa Kennedy Montgomery born September 8, ; she is an actress, former MTV host, political satirist and television personality and current host of Music in the Morning on The narrative jumps all over the place and should have been made more seamless with an editor.

Former MTV VJ Kennedy: 'Memba Her?

Executives were not afraid to take chances. Aretha Franklin has been married twice, has four incredible and talented sons. I would never have thought she was a straightedge virgin when she was a VJ.

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Remember her with that quirky looking self and awful style?? Definitely an interesting reading.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery/ Mtv VJ Kennedy- Claimed Michael Jordan tried to take her Virginity

However, as a teen of the 's, I did enjoy the gossipy quality of this book. I really loved it. I loved how you got the story written by Kennedy and then often got an interview after the chapter with one of, if not the main person mentioned in the chapter.

It almost blows my mind that she could do that. Lisa is married to Dave Lee and have two small children together. Plus being a Republican was a surprise to me as well. The interview portion that concludes each chapter seems like a short cut more than an effective tactic. As someone who grew up with this music and lived this music, all of these bands were and still are my favorite, this was like candy.

It almost added more weight to her stories and it was pleasant to read. However, as a teen of the 's, I did enjoy the gossipy q This should be taken on as a fun read, not as anything profound or serious. I remember Kennedy from when I was a kid.

You would certainly remember that face, although it has change a lot!

I never expected great art and read most of the book in a day. I love hearing the stories about the behind the scenes and about Rock Stars that I admire and ones that I don't really like.

I would love to read this one again in the future and would recommend it to people my age or a little older who watched MTV and lived like me. A witty Kennedy then turns the tables asking for Knicks tickets instead!

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Rock stars became friends with the VJays and television personalities who interviewed them. I never knew that much about her being so young and all, and reading this was a total riot. Then the terrifying minutes ended when Jordan reminded her that he was married and offered her Nets tickets.

It gave them a chance for a response. Here, we the readers are given a backstage tour of a network that was indispensable prior to the internet.

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Though a generally funny person, Kennedy tries too hard to be shocking and inventive, spewing bad puns and toilet humor left and right, which eventually wears very thin.

I wish the author would have focused more on character development and less about her own opinions. Stars were given liberties that would not be thought of as especially professional at other networks.

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She currently lives with hubby and kids in Portland, Oregon. Like everything from 20 something year ago! I admire her for that being as MTV was so obviously left leaning and still has that stigma.