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Many of the most intense fighting of the war took place in the area of Flanders, Belgium.

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What does the red poppy stand for? It was used as a symbol by the Canadians for their Rememberance Day and has been adapted as a reminder of the loss of all veterans in all wars. Its a red poppie because hort week tenders dating the soldiers were born in a poppie field in france.

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Red poppies are significant because they symbolise remembrance. It revolves around group of sailors from different parts of the world, and a pulchritudinous Tao-hoa who falls in love with the ship's captain.

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The actual flower of England is the Rose. Why are poppies red? What do red poppies represent? The red stands for the blood and the solderers and the stem stands for the grass it is grown in Why are red poppies worn on Veterans Day?

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Because poeple say that poppies were dyed red in the war at Gallipoli when the soldiers died, the real reason why they are red is because that is their usual color from nature.

Hope that answers your question.

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This is done to mark the anniversary of the end of World War I, and in respect to soldiers who have died in subsequent wars. If you are referring to the Russian Ballet, It was a ballet written in the 's and it takes place in Kumintang China.

The Americans lost to the Baltimore Oriloes I cannot be sure what painting you mean.

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She is later killed by her employer, and as she dies, she gives a little Chinese girl another RED Poppy, it's significance was Love and freedom. The red poppies and the symbols they represented were immortalized in the WWI poem: When was Red Poppy painted?

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What was the date of the first Red Sox game ever played? The symbol is based on the poppies that grew in the Flanders region of France, an area of particularly brutal battle in World War 1, and subsequently the site of a famous military cemetery; it was adopted by the British and Canadian Legions, as a memorial symbol of the veterans of World War 1.

In this particular region thousand of lives were lost during the first world war.

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Unfortunately her employer finds out about her feelings for the Russian captain, and commands her to kill him the captain However she refuses. Because they represent poppies from Flanders in Belgium.

Under this program, a small, red paper poppy, to be displayed on shirt or blouse, was given in thanks, to each contributor. She gives him a RED poppy, which is suppose to be a symbolism of her love. Why are anzac poppies red?

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What does the red poppy flower represent England? Poppies grew in the fields after the war. Why is the red poppy a symbol of sacrifice?

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One famous "poppy painting" is Field of Poppies by Claude Monet, painted in The story goes that, following one of the bloodiest battles ofWorld War I, in the fields of Flanders in western Europe,when theground was completely churned up and muddied, thousands of redpoppies sprang up.

What is the signifigance of the red poppy? Red symbolizes the blood of the fallen soldiers, black is the grief over them, and green is the hope.

Which of Kim Zolciak's Exes Makes Her Squirm?

The seeds had lain dormant in the soil and,after being aerated with the churning of the soil from thesoldiers' boots and fertilised with their blood, the poppies grewabundantly, springing forth new life from death. It is a reference to the poppies which grew in the battlefieds of Belgium and France, where thousands of soldiers were killed unlike World War II, fighting was very concentrated and thousands of soldiers died in the same battlefields On the 11th November, two minutes of silence are held at 11am, the time when the Armistice was signed.

The symbolic red poppy also has a similar history in Australia, New Zealand, and France.