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For the uninitiated, an eReader is a tablet intended purely for reading eBooks. Irrationally so, because a week is a long battery charge, the Kindle warns you in good time, and there are myriad USB chargers at home. Verdict Turn on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and you'll wonder how you ever coped with yesterday's ereaders.

These new software features and more are all shown in action in the video review at the bottom of this article. Reading outside in direct sunlight is also great. While to me the Paperwhite's light washes across the screen more uniformly than the light on the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, when reading in the dark I did see a little murkiness in spots, particularly toward the bottom of the screen where the LEDs are.

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That's because when you're looking at it in a normally lit room, the light splays across the screen very uniformly and the screen has a pleasing white cast to it -- thus the Paperwhite name. They basically just changed the menus so then when you highlight a word, tabs for Wikipedia and X-Ray get added to the dictionary window.

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Kindle Paperwhite battery life and connectivity As I mentioned earlier a key advantage of a dedicated eReader is the long battery life. Kindle Paperwhite The new Kindle Paperwhite has cleaner text on close inspection.

Voyage owners love these differences. There are no page-turners, no up-and-down scroll, and no keyboard: To be exact it measures mm x mm x 9. The new model has replaced the old Kindle Paperwhite in the official range of Kindle devices on Amazon.

I am not personally sure that the ppi resolution makes it worth the upgrade. I find the new look are nicki and meek mill dating inviting. I'm about a 7 in the daytime and 21 at night, if any like-minded ladies want to chat about it later.

Built-in LED frontlight for reading at night.

Kindle Paperwhite 2015 – international launch

Though if a backlight is really what you're after, check out our review of the Kobo Clara HD. I remember when I first used a Kindle, I was shocked at how much I liked it. Is the new Kindle Paperwhite better than the last?

The alternate fonts trick no longer works. The Nook with GlowLight was released back in April to much fanfare and adulation; Amazon's own glowing tablet reader, on first glance, feels like a response or a me-too, rather than a pure invention.

Kindle Paperwhite Review (2015): The E-Reader You Should Buy

But it's far from perfect: The first new feature is called Kindle Page Flip, which opens a window on the screen where you can scan through pages of the book using fast page-turning, jump from chapter to chapter, and skip around pages without leaving the initial page you started from.

Capacitive touchscreen with 2 point touch for pinch-zooming. It lived in the bottom of my work back, amongst the detritus, keys, smelly gym kit and discarded tech that I consider my critical work-related kit. Both lights are very good; the Kindle's is slightly better click to enlarge.

This is actually amazing, meaning you can download books anywhere in the world where there is a 3G signal, completely free apart from the cost of the books, obviously. The price is the same as the old model.

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Usability Once again, Amazon rewrites the book on digital reading features. The illumination feature, which Amazon detailed in a video hereworks well and spreads the light evenly over most of the screen; it replicates paper much more naturally than does the Nook with GlowLight, where light creeps in from the edges.

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I don't find the "ads" all that obtrusive: Amazon claims that a single charge will last up to six weeks, and charges via USB in around four hours. Although Amazon's unsurpassed library, and the feature set, may be. When I first saw it in action, my immediate impression was that Amazon was using backlit technology, even though I knew it had to be front-lit.

And the Kindle's fonts are truly excellent, in the sense that - again - the reading experience is so comfortable.

At first glance, the Paperwhite looks a lot like 's Kindle Touch. Two weeks on and there is the odd faint smudge on the back cover, but nothing that doesn't quickly rub away with a finger.

The main difference between the Kindle Paperwhite left and the new model is the display. The last new main software feature is a vocabulary builder.

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Though inconvenient, it's a concession I'm willing to make for the light. Battery Don't believe everything you read about ereaders having battery lives measured in weeks or months.

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I do so much of my own reading in bed at night, on airplanes or in the depths of caves. And so here comes the Kindle Paperwhite, which adds a completely necessary -- nay, essential!

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Also, if you highlight a name it will automatically open the X-Ray description instead of the dictionary. When you hold the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight in front of you, you can't see the LEDs, either, but the light is more pronounced and noticeably at the top of the screen when you crank the brightness to the highest level.

Kindle Paperwhite 2015 – major changes

I found that I had to charge it around once every 10 days. It's thin; it's lightweight; it fits naturally in one hand, so that you can easily hold the Kindle with one hand while beating eggs with the other; and, yes, the screen can light up, on a brightness scale from 1 to 24, depending on the darkness of your surroundings.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Rather, it's the fact that Amazon has completely done away with all external buttons, save the power button. You could use that thing as a torch. Footnotes now open a new window instead of leaving the page.

I tend to use it at about 30 to 40 percent brightness, which produces much less glow at the top. As on the Nook, you can scroll your finger up and down on the screen to select your brightness level.