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They inspire great passion and loyalty. You prefer to be alone with one you desire, and you seem to concentrate on that person when you are with them. You seek to share your spiritual path or be a guide. They are charming, charismatic and are scintillating conversationalists.

Licking and pawing should be stifled until you are sure it will klingonisch flirten hoe appreciated.

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This lifetime is therefore about making much different choices. Aquarius is a sign that seeks freedom, independence and is very progressive in its approach to life. You actually tend to experience much conflict in matters of romance but show your love through an innate desire and extraordinary talent to restore harmony through quarrels.

They enjoy the pleasures of love. In addition, videos can be downloaded in HD quality. If the planet Venus is in the sign Taurus then your greatest need in love is security.

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A single rose is not your style — three dozen does it better. You seem sweet and vulnerable though Scorpio hides it well. You view your family as your first priority and outside work is second place. You can do this easily with the buttons below.

One night stands and flimsy emotional games are not what attracts this person. There may be a slight edge to her as she challenges you on some subjects, but it is always wrapped in a light and gentle teasing. You most easily express love by being of service to your lover and taking care of all those details in life.

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And you like a challenging conquest too. Your air of mystery might invite an attractive someone to be seduced into a secret affair.

Independence, lots of space, freedom, individuality and separateness. They seek these attributes in a love partner. This was very traumatic. Virgo is a sign that seeks the best in all things — which gets labeled as perfection.

Being in a relationship is of high priority to these folks and sometimes they may do anything to be in a relationships, even with someone they know they are not interested in, just so they can appear to be in a harmonious relationship. The only cautionary note with both men and women who have this sign is that you should know you are being offered some illusions of romance and that the bubble may burst later!

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Venus in Cancer is timid when dealing with romantic pursuits. If the planet Venus is in the sign Leo in your horoscope then love is a grand, romantic adventure! You may engage in sports or a game of chance to attract the attention of one you desire.

They express love and affection for the people and things they value in an introverted manner. It may take a long time to get this person to the altar, if you can manage it at all! You love all sensual pleasures, such as food, drink, art, music, perfumes, fondling, or sex; and you show it and want to share it.

They want a knight in shining armor on a white horse or a princess walking barefoot through the grass. Somehow, someway, the resources will be found to provide grand and memorable romantic times.

It can be a person, place or thing. They want a relationship to open their world and broaden their perspectives. You act as a good listener, and engage in intelligent conversation.

They also want someone who wants to follow their slow and steady lead. Venus in Taurus is a possessive sign in love and since you give yourself completely to someone you love, you expect nothing less in return.

Venus in Gemini wants a relationship that is open-minded, intellectual, mentally stimulating and full of activity.

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Feelings must be genuine and if hurt in love having Venus in Cancer is likely to shield you from opening your heart for quite some time. They are not too fond of parties and like you to stay at home. You are very subtle and indirect in the way you attract love and affection. They are fiery, dramatic and full of new, exciting ideas in the bedroom.

They immerse themselves in the enjoyment of it all. You act bold and spunky, take chances, and will risk rejection. They can either seem like they do not want anything to do with love, or be very focused on constant self-improvement in the relationship.