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We actually learn precious little of the cities he visits.

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A quick note on the audio version I listened to. Would it be tedious and repetitious? A rendering of the future design is now also available in white. Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom have one design for their standard locomotives, but its a first to see some synergy between a locomotive and a train set in modern products.

Most remarkable detail are the extra daylight light units, similar to those that are now popular in the automotive industry and were made popular by Audi. Italy[ edit ] ETR unit in Italy. Starting in Decemberthe trains will be put on the Frankfurt — Koblenz route. In Italy FLIRT are used by six regional railways, in total units ordered and built are so divided among the following companies: Yesterday, Pesa revealed it's new locomotive, the Gama Marathon Ed The first unit to be built will be ready in and will be a four-axle version for 3kV voltage systems read: He paints vivid pictures of some memorable characters he met along the way.

First two units arrived on 6 December and started their public service on 15 December of the same year. They must have missed the news about the Vectron Last Mile. Their fleet consists of 14 three-car and 6 four-car units.

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The locomotive Pesa will present at the Innotrans will have an afi band quotes flirting combustion engine. The first 19 units of this type to be delivered were four-sections long, and were followed by eleven units ordered that six-sections long and are additionally equipped with the ETCS Kolejowy flirt wrzuta 2 train control system.

Curious is that Pesa states that only one other competitor is working on a similar solution. This version, designated as E, will have kW duration power and a additional, small combustion engine for shunting purposes. It is time for the real scoops: Pesa will present the Gama platform.

The section of the journey I enjoyed most was his travel through India, which takes up the central part of the book. There are the driver coaches with a locomotive cab eg RailJet.

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In the end curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed an audio copy of perhaps his best known book. Check the Pesa Link!

GAMA In we will experience the introduction of yet another Polish manufacturer on the market for modern locomotives. Only dynamic elements can be found up front, where the roof lines of both meet in a bow underneath the front windows. The exterior design of the Gama is in line with other modern locomotive products.

Also since December WestfalenBahn uses 14 three-car and 5 five-car trains for trains services in the Teutoburg Forest region. The accounts of these encounters and those with others he meets along the way are often hilarious, with Theroux recounting whole conversations though I wonder how accurately with a dry humour that had me laughing out loud.

In DB Regioa subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn ordered five five-section vehicles for regional services on the German east coast. The units will also receive the blue and white colour scheme. - pliki użytkownika danthealighieri

Pesa from Poland, Is currently developing the new Gama locomotive platform. New is that Pesa wants to offer both an multi-system electric and a diesel-electric version kW of the Gama. Let's hope this will look better in combination with the black in real life In the mean time, PESA announced a name-giving competition for their new platform.

Of the northern city of Simla he reflects. It is the Empire with a dark complexion Somehow Theroux manages to make each stage of the journey feel fresh and different, despite the obvious self-limitations. The first unit arrived on 11 September [42] These four section units have the same blue and white colour scheme with yellow doors which is the same as the orders livery.

Set in but released in it tells the story of his travels to and across Asia. Everyone can participate and submit up to two names. We follow his journey from London and across Europe and then through much of Asia. What strikes us most is the front end design of the locomotive and its similarity with the recently presented Pesa Link train sets.

Also, the Gama Marathon is officially recommended by the professional association of train drivers in Poland. Finally, I owe thanks to Elyse for helping me to identify that this was a book I should read or, in fact, listen to. Both the markets for freight and passenger services should be served with this new concept.

However, this recommendation must be based on the design of the driver's desk, not the driving experience, as the Gama still has to start its initial test runs. The prospect shows us a rather dark impression of a black and gray locomotive.