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There should be an answer already within my hands. If not, just press the download button to begin downloading a high-quality file About: What do I seek, what do I feel, what do I believe, well that's If you're alive, there's always a next.

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Everyone has a journey they can't give up. Beyond that sky, I swore to you. Simply hit the play button if you wish a preview on this track in mp3 format. It is simple so that you can download mp3 files exclusively for fact-finding use and then rapidly delete them when will no longer needed.

I have no spare time to look back at the past.

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It's bitrate is kbps, and its length is You say that so many numbers of regrets and sadness that have repeated Are the weaknesses of yesterday that saved me from tripping.

No matter what walls block you off, You have to move ahead Because there are tomorrows that only you can open. There are mountains, there are valleys; When you overcome them, what is there?

The flow of time you can't go back up, Within these days we can never go back to, We each look at our own scenery. So I'll believe in the power arising in me and stand up. The place we're heading is stormy, but my heart beats fast.

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Even if I am deeply hurt, I want to continue screaming, letting my voice dry.

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Even if I get my dream made fun of as a stupid dream, Even if I get cursed at to look at reality, The eternity living with me is right here. This platform may be the ultimate choice in music sharing services, completely outpacing by leaps and bounds all older P2P file share services. Meetings and partings repeat; that's the fate of man.

Even if I lose everything, I have to move ahead Because there are doors that only I can open.

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I'll toss off the voices around me And push through the swarming crowds Until I can touch the eternity I drew out with you. The past, future and everything else, Yes, will change depending on me. Can't let it go, I have a debt to repay for this life I can't give up.

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I want to confirm my own worth. My one and only It can be our recommendation that you choose to download the top result in the search. I have soaked my mistakes and faults into my body.