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I ate supper in silence, without appetite or relish, and retired to bed. This involves discipline of both the body and the mind.

What is written here may appear incredible at first sight, but there is no doubt that these seeds would soon germinate to cover the whole earth in the course of time.

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He is attached to nothing except being engaged in the service of his spiritual master and Krishna. This was Sri Krishna.

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There are many impediments, especially in this age of hypocrisy, to practicing hatha-yoga, dhyana-yoga and jnana-yoga, but there is no such problem in executing karma-yoga cmarch christian dating bhakti-yoga.

Therefore, every time we try for a joyful life we are being defeated. Whence came the great discoveries of science? A sharp imbalance between knowledge of the spiritual plane and that of the material forces can be disastrous and lead to the precarious situations which are seen daily in the world today.

I tried once again to repeat the experience, but was so weak and flabbergasted that I could not collect my thoughts sufficiently enough to induce a state of concentration.

This, Amma says, is perhaps his greatest teaching.


Appearing on the scene, Krishna immediately collected all the garments of the gopis, climbed up taiwan and black mixed people dating a nearby tree, and with smiling face began to speak to them.

Can anyone imagine to have their hands cut off, legs cut off! HH Radha Govinda Maharaj first recited the below verse. There is no explanation for mystical experience, for psychic healing, for psi-phenomena, for musical and chess infant prodigies or for lightning calculators.

If the yogis are attracted by the by-products of yoga, then they cannot attain the stage of perfection, as is stated in this verse. I was in a state of exhaustion and lassitude, disinclined to talk. They worshiped goddess Durga completely for one month in order to have Krishna as their husband.

We have rejected their teachings as pure myth or superstition. I have no desire to play any joke with you, for you have observed the regulative principles for one month by worshiping goddess Katyayani. Every day they prayed for Krishna, the son of Nanda Maharaja, to become their husband.

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The forefathers of the flute, the bamboo trees, shed tears of pleasure. Kamsa sent many assassins to kill Krishna, but none of them were able to do so. Theirs was the highest love—a love to inspire mankind forward on the path to God. Why I am so insistent for a thorough scientific investigation of the phenomenon is because it would to the thinkers and political leaders of mankind that the brain is already designed for a supersensory performance in the same way as the brain of an infant is already completely fashioned at birth for its performance during the whole of life.

They have dedicated their lives to the welfare of others. Sleep had not refreshed me. Right from birth I am in virakt from my family.

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Amma has even said: In the eventual war between the two, Krishna served as the charioteer of the Pandava Arjuna. It has stood the acid test of time for thousands of years and thousands of Indian Yoga-adepts from their own personal experiences have confirmed it time after time.

It is contained in hundreds of volumes large and small which can prove of inestimable help to any research on consciousness undertaken in our time.

Similarly Vamsi, venu, murali all stands for female gender. The knowledge of the spirit must become as precise and universal as the knowledge of the physical world. The unmarried gopis desired Krishna as their husband, and He fulfilled their desire in this way.

It is impossible to describe the experience accurately. In that joyous state, one is situated in boundless transcendental happiness and enjoys himself through transcendental senses.

By practice of yoga one becomes gradually detached from material concepts.

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According to Vedic injunction, this kind of foodstuff is recommended to purify the body before one enacts a ritualistic ceremony. He is not at all disturbed by material loss or gain because he is fully engaged in the service of the Lord. He gives the example that the heart is just like a mirror.

All glories to the Mahabhava of gopis. This is what the Indian classics mean when they say that the bonds of Karma can be cut asunder and the chain births and deaths brought to a close with the successful practice of Yoga leading to the union of the human soul with Universal Consciousness.

He took birth with a smile on his face, lived with a smile, and left his body with a smile. Or had I by some strange vagary of fate succeeded in experiencing the Transcendental?

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In our present conditional life our hearts are so overloaded with so much dust due to our material association from time immemorial, if we chant this Hare Krishna mantra then the dust will be removed.

A fever which he contracted on the way made him decide that his body was no longer fit for the spirit to reside in. The only reason we are not joyful here in the material world is because our original Krishna consciousness is covered by maya.

We get only a taste of his lips. What is the cause of extra-sensory perception or paranormal cognition, of healing radiation, of psychokinesis or miraculous power which all defy a rational explanation?

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The Mayavadi philosopher takes all these forms of the deity to be imaginary, but actually they are accepted in the Vedic literatures to be identical with either the Supreme Lord or a respective demigod.

What is the source of the highly extended awareness gained in Samadhi? I still felt fatigued and my thoughts lacked clarity.

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I'm just telling the truth. The spiritual pleasure that we enjoy from chanting the Hare Krishna mantra is not like material so-called pleasure. It is the only road aligned by nature to reach the territory of consciousness.

In his presence they tasted the bliss of the Self. Here in the material world we have the experience that the ocean does not increase, the ocean always remains within its limit.

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Wherefrom originate the compositions and masterpieces of genius? No one is denied shelter by these trees. The progress we have made in the study of the body is in sharp contrast to the poverty of our knowledge about the nature of life.

I decided to begin earlier so that I would not have the sun on my hands and face, and without disturbing my wife, went upstairs to my study. I spread the blanket, and sitting cross-legged as usual, began to meditate. Scientists in general, and biologists in particular, prefer to shut their eyes to the obvious explanation for the progress made by humankind thus far, because the implications of continued biological evolution of the human brain are too terrific to contemplate.

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