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Lauren and megans guide to dating awesomenesstv quinceanera, guide to dating

Thank you Linzey October 19, at utillaje automocion online dating Super Fan Brit Stickley — Brit Stickley played by Tiffany Espensen is a super fan who would infiltrate different places where different celebrities are at and collects different things from them to put in her scrapbook.

Nicole Rodriguez March 4, at 8: Pet Therapist — A pet therapist played by Lia Marie Johnson goes over therapy sessions with a pet and their owner where the therapist would often speak the mind of the owner's pet.

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I love with my Mom, Dad, Sister and my 3 nephews and 2 nieces. Jonah is really giving his all but will it be enough to secure his spot on the team?

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Dayanara September 5, at Dan Lynn Line Producer: Casey Fenton Production Manager Kid History — A young narrator played by Zac Pullman tells people about historic events in kid history like the first pillow fight and the first homework excuse. Will Lauren's life ever be the same again!?

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Your emotional life is never going to be perfect, so shoot for zen instead. Meanwhile Joey runs into Maddie at her sorority's fundraiser, and the tension is Subscribe for more fun!! She only asks for one thing, no problems between Vivian Who will lose and what will the dare be this time?

Terry the Tomboy — A tomboy named Terry played by Lia Marie Johnson teaches the viewers of her vlog her guide to various stuff. Meg DeAngelis - https: What DIYs should they try next?

Violet's Vampire Vlog — A vampire named Violet played by Catherine Valdes does a vlog that details what vampires should be like when encountering people at night. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos!

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If there's something you'd We are now casting nationwide! How I overcame my post-college existential crisis By Courtney Cho, 22 My four years in college have finally come to an end.

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Jasmin gonzalez August 8, at 3: Before you head out with your new sweetheart-to-be, prepare yourself with these 7 questions you should ask on a first date.

Who will win this Check out the music video and single here: Los Angeles, California, U.


This sketch has a TV film of the same name. That's right—before he's even old enough to vote. Their third member is Chloe Arden Rose who Sarah reluctantly invites due to her mom being friends with Chloe's mom.

I would love to have my quinces featured becuase I really want you guys to go through all the adventure with me!!! World's Worst Babysitter — A laid back babysitter named Lia played by Lia Marie Johnson shows viewers what not to do when babysitting as she demonstrates on her client Sammie played by her younger sister Sammie Johnson.

Lauren Elizabeth & Meghan Rienks: HOW TO GET READY FOR A DATE

Dreaming of this special day!? Can Griffin Arnlund save her before her crush Dylan Dauzat finds out?!

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The video enables you to enter the audition process. Who will win this DIY Dash? It's about to get litty titty!!! Gnarly Mann — Gnarly Mann played by Noland Ammon is a radical and bodacious surfer -speaking boy who helps people with their romance problems.

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Sierra's Guide to Acting Glamorously — Sierra played by Paulina Cerrilla shows people how to act glamorously with the help of her butler Edmund played by Corey Johnson.

Live the most epic day possible using only the contents of the Carpe Crate.

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Anabelle Sisneros October 7, at 6: The only thing I know right now? She is often accompanied by her offscreen little brother Petey as her cameraman where Brit would often argue with him. Nadoa February 20, at 8: My Quinceanera will be July 23, !

In your video, you should include the following information: The obvious question is…where? Meg DeAngelis always wanted to be a school teacher.

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She sometimes drags her friend Duncanty played by Noland Ammon into her different vlogs. Join them as they compete against each other to see how many people they can turn into The older dancers and coaches show the younger dancers the risk of using the prop for their dance "Hanging on a Wire".

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