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Returning to his tap dancing roots was "like riding a bike". He was portrayed as snobby in the novel, and wore rich people clothes, Slip-on sneakers, converse low-tops, slip-on converse, and canvas Boat shoes is what he wears throughout the books, also he wore water shoes for when going in the water and getting to the raft.

Bleu and Smirnoff also won the week's "Dance-Off Challenge" and therefore received three bonus points. As far as the direction of the music, it's very different.

Though, in the finale, when they all are rescued, her normal "gentle" demeanor returns as she feels the gang have all been brought closer due to their experiences on the island.

Taylor Hagan[ edit ] Taylor comes onto the island thinking that being stranded was only temporary.


InBleu also had free dating site twoo mail role in and co-produced the indie horror anthology Scary or Diea collection of five short horror films.

In the episode "Mazeathon", he creates an obstacle course. Daley is Lex's stepsister her father married Lex's mother about a year ago after her mother diedthough this is never elaborated upon. He has three sisters: In the novel she's street smart and very strong minded.

As of he continued to live at home with his parents and three younger sisters.

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He replies, "It's Cody, Cody Jackson". For example, she helps Jackson improve his fishing skills through small notes, then on one particular trek through the island, she discovers a trove of fruit and even gets the fire started when they're in need of it.

Corbin Bleu made his Broadway stage debut in as the lead character, bodega-owner Usnavi, in the critically acclaimed musical In the Heights.

Senior Year is a American teen romantic comedy musical film and the third installment in the High School Musical series.

Cody Jackson[ edit ] Cody goes by his last name, Jackson and he's the antihero of the series.

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Daley became the leader of the group only after Jackson turned over the responsibility to her and wants to handle situations in a civilized manner.

Abby shares a passion for music, as seen in one episode. By the end of the series, people recognize her as a more competent and genuine person. She was once thought to have an attraction to Jackson by Melissa.

She has a crush on Jackson, which Taylor reveals to everyone after Melissa accidentally ruins one of her shirts. Who has Corbin Bleu dated? Eric McGorrill[ edit ] He is more of a slacker and a comedian than anything else. In Hotel Tango, Lex surprises everyone by saying it was Daley's fault the group separated and does not want to listen to her anymore.

At school he was befriended by Melissa, who extended him the invitation to join the eco-camping trip. Things changed however in the final moments of the series.

Jag, Phoenix, and Hunter. How can you write to Corbin Bleu? No, Corbin Bleu is engaged to Sasha Clements. Eric looks at other people's video diaries and announces their secrets to either one person or everyone.

Hey guys don't beilive her shes liing I know corbin blue cosinyah well online but still I know what she looks like. She also was the only character to brave the jungle alone and come back to the main camp ground on the beach several times.

It becomes apparent that he wants to get to know Melissa even more- in a sense 'chose' her.

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Ian Milbauer[ edit ] Ian is a surfer from California that is always making smart comments. We don't want to lose any moment. Opened in theatres in Octoberthe coming of age movie revolved around Cale Bryant, an eighteen-year-old man who tries to find himself by winning the Amateur National Motocross Championships.

She wears street clothes including Converse low-tops. For example, he accidentally shoots down the signal kite when he is messing around with Lex and he also falls out of a tree trying to get coconuts. He trained in dancing at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

In OctoberBroadway is also where Bleu currently hangs his hat. She's too bossy, yells and wants things her way over the others. In "Abby Normal" she leaves the beach at night while all the 7 main characters are slowly dancing to "Be Strong" by Delta Goodrem.

First of all, it's just more personal. However, he later fixes it. Are Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu dating?

Where does Corbin Bleu live?

Corbin Bleu was born in Brooklyn, but he and his family later moved to Las Angeles. He and Melissa become really close, and it's implied they will become romantically involved in the future. For Chilloween, he makes a shower that has warm water to make the island more like home.