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Reply shahin 12 March at It is not a matter of 10 pound. And always i have yo login twice. On the whole, the call quality offered by Lebara is fine although when calling internationally this obviously depends on foreign networks too.

As a business man myself I am fairly lenient on my critique of the corporations but I have had it up to here with Lebara. It is not a matter of 10 pound.

Deals As well as having some incredibly cheap international rates, Leabra are also currently running a selection of great offers. The plan is supposed to carry Call minutes and 2 GB of data. If another top up is completed before the advance credit applied, the advance credit expiry will be reset.

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The big mistake from our side is to have used the credit card with them. Minimum call duration is lebara mobile review uk dating minute. Reply Maria 24 September at Vodafone's coverage checker will give you a good idea of signal quality in your area but bear in mind cualidades de un buen orador yahoo dating local geographical features, such as hills or buildings, can affect your reception.

Reply lebaraworstcompany 1 May at After waiting hours and spending a fortune to get hold of their customer service they said I must prove I am the owner and come up with certain numbers of the sim.

Check Lebara Mobile coverage Conclusion Lebara Mobile is not like most SIM-only providers, in that it has a very specific type of customer in mind, and has tailored its service accordingly. But when i login again with same pw, it works.

They never notified me that they removed me from the package and I never requested it. Even when we tried to delete it, we could not find where they have stored these details till date. Lebara also sells top-ups through Tesco shops which means that, in total, they have 90, retail outlets.

Reply Linda guyatt 31 August at Topup credit kept disappearing from my account without warning or explaination. Other good alternative is to use call-by-call or call-through.

Anybody can help me to get my top up? I don't like people conning me. Please be informed and make others aware. K and we were caught into other work.

Instant, reliable connections each and every time.

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You can arrange this by contacting your old provider. It operates around the world and offers plans with decent international call allowances of included. Then why did they sent confirmation sms and why should they remove existing balance in the mobile? There were previously issues topping up especially when roaming abroad but with their increased high-street presence, Lebara seem to have addressed this now.

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Instead of stopping the internet, it just consumed all the credit in no time. I found they were charging as they claimed. Finally I got them. There is also an online chat service, although this is not available in the evenings.

Top ups done after the opt in will not be considered even if such top ups are done on the same day as the opt in. Mobile Network Comparison 2 November at As a final point of agreement, I concur that Lebara verges on a fraudulent business.

Get a Lebara SIM card for free today to start making cheap, easy, high quality international calls and flat rate national calls as a pay as you go customer.

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Customer service If you have an query or a problem with your Lebara Mobile plan, you can contact customer service by phone between 9am and 5. No email is sent for reset of new password. Lebara will send a confirmation by SMS of the opt-in.

Lebara Mobile is one of the biggest and mot successful international call services on the market today.

And also, how many of them keep these with them?

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Lebara Mobile's SIM-only plans are designed for migrant workers, international communities and travellers who need to call home. Vodafone has 3G coverage on a par with most other providers, but its 4G network is sightly less extensive.

All its SIMs are of the 3-in-1 type, which means they will fit any handset. People use these type of SIM cards to make cheap international calls. Topup credit seemed to evaporate from my account without notice.

In addition to the customer service phone line, you can contact Lebara Mobile via email, Facebook or Twitter, or you can look at the FAQ section of its website which deals with most common issues. The call quality is so bad that it shocked me.

We have so many questions on this. The first attempt mentions password is wrong. Click on the button below to check out Lebara-Mobile. If you regularly call one of the countries included in its plans, then the value is great.

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Lebara reserves the right to disqualify anyone who violates these Terms and Conditions. High quality networks ensure crystal-clear voice quality, anywhere in the world. And it is impossible to change the bundle or buy a new one — I have to wait until it expires… how ridiculous is this???

The system is not set to notify people when they have been removed — so they can rob people blind.

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I called you to the number on your CV,but I was not able to reach you. Much worse than everyone else. Reply sembatya abasi 29 November at What sort of company charges customers to call their customer care.

Reply GTR 22 September at Keep your existing number and simply transfer to one of Lebara's pay monthly packages.