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The brakes by Universal Mod. Legnano's Top-Model in the s was named Olimpiade Roma. The first historical citation of his name is in The fork crown and fork tubing profiles are also identical.

Legnano Bicycles and My Life on Two Wheels

Remarkable is the typical Legnano seat lug which has a clamp under the top tube. A complete Campagnolo Record groupset of the first generation, the hubs Legnano pantographed. The frame is built from special seamless drawn light tubes by Italy's then most famous provider of high end bicycle tubes - Falck.

The various 'Sportivo' models that were not imported to North America were also tagged in the vertical orientation on the right side of the seat post. The serial numbers for the 'Gran Premio' only appear in the vertical orientation on the right side of the seat lug.

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And here you can see one which has the frame number 26! It is the best you could get.

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When I get the chance I am going to weigh a 'Roma' and a 'Gran Premio' of the same size and year to see if there is any difference on that front.

In the heyday of classic cycling sports in Italy, Legnano was one of the most famous producers of fine bicycles. Both had Campy dropouts and the overall geometry and finishing quality is also pretty much the same.

And, of course, a Brooks Professional saddle.

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Paintwork and decals are original. There is no doubt that this is one of the most competitive road bike models of its time. All parts are working fine. The paintwork shows some marks from oxidation see pictures. The bike is in good working condition.

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Right, Legnano did it, too. The less expensive 'Gran Premio' model was produced in greater numbers particularly for the North American market.

The chrome is very good.

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Legendary Champions like Gino Bartali, a young Fausto Coppi and many others rode to their fabulous victories on Legnano bikes. Alberto da Giussano was an Italian legendary Guelph warrior during the wars of the Lombard League against Frederick Barbarossa in 12th century.

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The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. With which parts would you outfit such a bike? Stem and bar T. A tradition, probably fabricated by 14th century Milanese chroniclers, attributes to him the deed of forming the "Company of Death" that defended the Carroccio of the League at the Battle of Legnano.