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Game Lelik and Barbariki: Find figures online.

And of course, each of the games, as well as every episode of the animated series, will cause a smile at you as your favorite characters are very funny. The girl was very lucky, because Lelik not only knew that we must be able to be friends, but he was a professor of friendship and taught at the school of the same name.

Adventures with Barbariki fun, it is always great, because each step is connected with magic. Game Lelik and Barbariki Once the girl Bianca had no friends although one still was, but is typically a toy. Buba, Bibi, Baz and Bonya met the girl is very warm, because they know what to make friends is never easy, but once it happened, and Bianca got in their society, they were happy to share their knowledge and take her into their ranks of students.

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Given that the most important task for kids with Barbarella learn to be friends, then you can be sure they will be happy with you to share the knowledge. Toddlers surrounded Bianca, offered to drink tea with them, and told all supposed to know the guest.

Of course, Barbarella is not so easy to get, so the girl became a real joyful event on the planet. More Bianca learned that Barbariki very musical, and their songs are very funny, listening to them, and wants to dance.

Funny kids who met Bianca on an alien planet, were very unusual and more like toys as Lelik, who brought her there, and then she discovered the secret that all the toys fly to his planet in the night to meet friends and learn vehicle function something new.

You can look at Barbarella planet at any time, it is enough to play online Barbariki. But once Lelik night became alive and present, explaining Bianca that friendship too can learn, if only to want.

With the help of magical boots, he moved the girl to a distant planet Barbarella, where she was to meet new friends.

This game, like himself, cartoon, very useful and informative for all children.

Yes, to get to the planet Barbarella is not so easy, but learns good and friendship is, of course, important, and now extremely simple. So, the girl became a student of the school of friendship, which is to teach her the art of the right to be friends, and discover the secrets of her mutual.

Funny toy man Lelik always listened in silence to Bianca, and very, very much wanted to help. But that's a girl and did not think to wait on him for help, because she was firmly convinced that the toy man can not tell anything to her.