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Mysterons — Portishead This compelling groove is heard throughout most of the song, which features on the band's critically-acclaimed debut album, Dummy We sincerely believe in what we do, and hope you believe in it as well.

I first thought that the roll must have been overdubbed because you can hear the hi-hat sound on the 'and of 4' — which is impossible to play with only two hands.

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Meanwhile, the bass drum anchors the feel — sounding on beats 1 and 3. There are 3 broken down versions of the beat below to help you learn the roll technique.

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Mockingbird — Eminem The only difference between these two measures is that the second measure does not have a hi-hat note on the 'and of beat 3'. Studying some live footage shows how he achieves this seemingly impossible feat. Whether it be our lively videos, audience-engaged podcasts, or participation in panels at some of the biggest hip hop festivals around, DEHH is committed to impacting the hip hop community as the voice of the true fan.

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We're thrilled with how much people enjoy our content, and really believe we can grow our channel and do amazing things in the hip hop community. Portishead drummer, Clive Deamer, plays a clever, funk-inspired beat with a crescendo roll beginning on beat 4 of each measure.

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