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The second terminal went a little better, then I used my heat shrink, and started to feel pretty good about this install after all. Where it's seigneurs des anneaux online dating on the unmodified end, there's a distinct seam now visible where I messed with it.

Note the missing backrests on the seats to the right. Pretty snug, but it works! The wait took 11 months before the Lilput model arrived.

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I check carefully that it's no wider then the PCB, looks good. I love how the model train industry can sell you on things that don't exist yet. Now it got pretty horrible.

So, happy day, Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining, my wife is out shopping, the dog is blissfully quiet and I prepare to do the install. Still, it just does not fit, and I'm forced to get a snipper and cut the tops off of the front row of seats in the first car.

Then I read on a forum someone commenting that this EMU had space for sound, in the authors opinion.

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Let me walk you through the difficulties: With LokSound digital decoders you can run your engines smoothly due to load compensation while activating many functions and enjoying the original sounds as if it was the prototype.

And with 4 sound channels there are no limits to create realistic sound effects. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound Also, my speaker is too wide for the thickness of the windows inside the car.

Here you can see the two ends of the train. Now the fun part. The contact point is something like 1. So now I'm able to properly seat the decoder, so I proceed. It's as wide as the train.

I clean a big space on the table gather tools, and jump in. So far, not too bad. Maybe you have mad soldering skills, but I'm a pretty normal person and it's not a nice thing to do.

If the same happens for the second wire they are likely to short out- not good. This is what bothers me most. The speaker does not fit anywhere out of sight, as this train is full of huge windows. It's now seemingly narrow enough to fit inside the train.

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Getting the wires from the decoder down to the speaker is another problem, as the PCB creates something of an internal ceiling. The factory sound in quite incorrect but that's a fight for another day.

Because it does not fit. The enclosure is chopped down to size. The sound is adjusted to the particular driving mode at any point in time: Something tiny is required, so I salvage some super thin stuff from a burnt out Fleishmann Semaphore signal I bought on ebay. That said, I know it's wrong, and I can see it immediately.

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Got married, went to Alaska, some change at work, been building a ship and developed a recent interest in woodworking. Anyhow, back to trains! My ever growing N scale empire, loosely based on the Gotthardbahn of Switzerland. I snip a 4mm length of heat shirk tubing on the second wire, so I can slide it up in place once it's attached and keep it safe.

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A lot of plastic was destroyed in making this fit. I also had to cut down some of the interior of the roof cap piece, and carve out some of the interior volume of the driver's cab. Here's the short version: And yes, I did cram mine in there, but I did so at the expense of damaging my train.