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A group of survivors inform Enrique that the hospital burnt down; since his father was in a coma, it is unlikely that he survived.

Afraid of losing his job, Marc resists Julia's desire to have children.

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On his own, Marc ends up in a shopping center where Julia worked. Enrique reveals that he is attempting to reach the hospital where his father lives, which prompts the two to reconcile somewhat. Julia and Marc fight again over whether to have children, and Julia accuses Marc of using the Panic as an excuse to avoid it.

When they believe they smyckeskrin online dating reached Marc's apartment building, they blast their way in with explosives.

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Enrique falls into a deep depression and gives Marc his seeds, telling him to find Julia and save the baby. Marc notices Julia in the opposite building. While the two eat the bear, they bond over their pasts and fears. Enrique, who has a working GPS device, requests that Marc not tell the others about it; Marc reveals that he has stolen supplies formerly owned by Rovira, a dead coworker.

There, they learn that Julia, now pregnant, is not in the building.

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After Marc leaves for work, Julia refuses to speak to him, and he becomes stranded in the office building when he becomes agoraphobic. After a man is pushed into a fire, and thus catches the rest of the building on fire, Marc desperately tries to find Julia, only to be attacked by a savage-looking man; Enrique saves him but is severely wounded in the process, which he hides.

Flashbacks depict a growing trend of agoraphobia called "the Panic", a pandemic of unknown origin; sufferers die if forced to leave shelter. After a chase and fight over his possessions, Enrique kills Javier, the pickpocket's fence.

In the present, three months after the unspecified event, Marc and Enrique discuss leaving the building together. A flashback reveals that Marc, working as a computer engineer, faced possible termination by Enrique. Enrique is initially dismissive of Marc's scavenged supplies and declines to partner with him, but Marc blackmails Enrique into helping him search for Julia.

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Marc and Julia watch as, now a teenager, he leaves with several other youths to rebuild civilization. The following morning, Marc watches a video of a teen who commits suicide because his father could not understand or believe in his acute agoraphobia.

Several months later, Julia gives birth, and they use the seeds to create a greenhouse. At work, Rovira, revealed to have been covertly living in the office, is forced to leave. Once thrown out, he convulses; when dragged back in, the convulsions end, but he still dies from the trauma.

Plot[ edit ] Office worker Marc scavenges for food in a downtown Barcelona building that has been ravaged by a catastrophic event. The two set out into the subway system, where a young pickpocket steals the GPS device.

At a church, a bear nearly mauls Enrique to death, but Marc manages to kill it. Although worried that Enrique will continue without him, Marc is relieved to find that Enrique is willing to continue their partnership.

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Overjoyed, he returns to tell Enrique and discovers his wounds. Directed to the basement to help dig a tunnel, he almost causes its collapse as he panics over the fate of his girlfriend Julia, who was staying at his apartment at the time of the catastrophe. Over time, the child grows and is shown able to leave the building without suffering from the Panic.

When they break through to a neighboring building, he meets Enrique, who tells Marc that they can talk later. Urged by Enrique's dying wish, Marc crosses the street to be with Julia, though it nearly kills him.

Another flashback shows that Marc's neighbor has not left the building for months.

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Discussing these strange events at home with Julia, Marc notices that increasing numbers of people are refusing to leave their homes.

In the present, Enrique tells Marc that since they have reached his apartment building, he will no longer accompany Marc. In the present, Marc grows frustrated with Enrique's refusal to reveal why he wants to go to the Olympic city with a bag full of seeds.