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Macross II: Lovers Again (Dub)

Although he doesn't seem to go very far with Sylvie beyond a few dates, he is genuinely in love with her. We are not Meme Central nor do we want to be. Desiring to advance his career, he jumps at the chance to cover the first encounters with the Marduk. Their bond is good enough such that he is the one Hibiki turns to when the latter decides to harbor Ishtar after rescuing her on an assignment.

When Hibiki brings her to Earth, she is shocked by human culture and traditions. Hibiki also finds himself having to deal with the U. No hentai is allowed in any case. Takeshi Kusao A transsexual owner of a beauty salon, Mash is one of Hibiki's close friends.

It was released as two VHS cassette variations: The episodes only include the English dub and they are in standard definition. Moderation - A moderator's verdict is final and arguing with them will only cause further punishment.

Despite his battlefield prowess, he does not entirely believe in Ingues's extreme enforcement of cultural purity and eventually turns on him once he understands what Ishtar is trying to do.

In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. Spacy's 12th Fleet, Balser leads from the fleet flagship Gloria during a valiant but ultimately futile defense against the Marduk invasion near the Moon. He appears quite personable as Sylvie and her Faerie teammates look up to him as a father figure.

NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi.

Macross II: Lovers Again Episode 2

Hibiki brings Ishtar to Earth to teach her the values of life and culture. Spoilers - Do not post them! Non anime related "Anime Rant" videos will be removed since we have no way of confirm whether it's for self-promoting or no. Hibiki's pursuit of a scoop of her secret meeting with Supreme Commander Exxegran makes her punch the reporter in the nose.

The Gloria is destroyed when the sheer number of Marduk warships overwhelms the defenders. While covering the first battle between the U. Spacy, which is overzealous in not allowing any possibility of public panics despite having the frontline pushed all the way back to Earth itself.

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Fill the linked form if you: She has a Meltrandi grandmother, from whom she inherited her prowess at fighting reportedly second only to Nexx Gilbertand becomes very angry at the Marduk when she discovers that the aliens brainwash their Zentradi and Meltrandi soldiers.

Because of her experiences, she changes her Emulator song to be one which encourages the Marduk to be peaceful. Comments containing just links with no text will usually be removed, unless they're an answer to another comment.

InMacross II: Together with ace Valkyrie pilot Silvie Gena, Hibiki and Ishtar must find a way to save Earth from total destruction at the hands of the Marduk leader Ingues.

She believes the SDF-1 Macross is the legendary ship of the Alus, an entity prophesied in Marduk culture to bring peace to their civilization. You may also like. He even purges troops within the fleet that have been exposed to other cultures.

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Have an issue with the staff or wish to file a ban appea, click here. In the final episode, all three of them later join Nexx Gilbert in manning a Macross Cannon ship.

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Her singing enhances the aggressive tendencies of the Marduk's Zentraedi and Meltrandi warriors and allows the Marduk to control them. Spacy's senior commanders, Exxegran has a noble spirit and is equally aware of how complacent the organization has become.


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Both races are at peace on Earth when a new alien race called the "Marduk" appear within the Solar System.

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Their rationale was that Japan was experiencing an "idol boom" during the s and Macross mirrored that. Video releases[ edit ] U. This compilation removed the opening and ending credits for episodes 2 through 5, as well as the episode previews. This version only contains episodes 1 through 4 [15].

Macross II - Lovers Again 02 - Ishtar

This release only included the English dub and it was in standard definition. While covering one of the battles, he discovers Ishtar, an Emulator used to excite the Marduk forces' aggressive tendencies through her singing. Manga Entertainment released Macross II in as a downloadable video purchase on the iTunes Store in its original six-episode format with each episode available individually.

Takeshi Watabe Commander of the U. They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. Macross II was framed as six episodes because, at the time, it was felt that short OVA series were the current trend in anime.