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Both combatants lose energy equal to that of the Creature with the lowest energy. His basic questions of the nature of this world are explained.

Relic[ edit ] Item cards with hexagonal art frames and a green hexagon cost at the top.

Game Information

Point 3 - Attack Resolution Another of the sounding points that works well within Magi-Nation is how attacks are handled. Furok tends to have an affinity for Firds. The Cald[ edit ] The volcano region, represented by a red color. Though they count as two of a player's three Magi cards, Double Magi are dating god org more powerful than standard Magi cards.

Three weeks later, on September 22,at 7: Magi are in play one at a time on each side, and defeat of all three of your opponent's Magi ends the game.

Magi-Nation Duel

Keeper's Quest is a puzzle game, produced originally for the Game Boy Color, but due to bad timing, it was never magi nation duel singles dating on that platform.

Traitor's Reach - Developed but never printed. You against your opponent. This ability makes them extremely efficient attackers and defenders, which helped them to curbstomp the Core in the fluff. It is also the site of a city built among giant trees called Vash Naroom. This cost represents the DC's starting energy, which is moved from your Magi to the DC when it comes into play.


Deep in the caves beneath the island he meets Blu, a lonely pirate who guards the vault. November 30, Housekeeping In order to ensure the quality of materials on the Magi-Nation Wiki, articles which have insufficient non-plagiarized content and files currently lacking articles are being deleted to make processing of actual content magi nation duel singles dating easier.

Bograth[ edit ] The swamp region, represented with an indigo color. Tony is saved at the last moment by Wence, who shoots an arrow at Morag and scares him away.

Outside of town lies Gruk's mushfarm, where Tony ventures to help her resolve the strange noises coming from her basement.

Magi-Nation Duel - Challonge

The weenie faction, they specialize in shitting out lots and lots and LOTS of small DC's and smothering opponents with them. Paradwyn[ edit ] The jungle region, represented by a yellow-orange color.

Fearing for their safety, the denizens of the city have nearly all moved to calmer waters. Draw - Draw two cards from the top of your deck.

Magi-Nation Duel

Upon meeting the local kids, they coerce him into entering a cave that they themselves are too frightened to enter.

Most of the Naroom creatures are based on generic forest animals and plants, the rest being abstract relations of vegetation.

When a Magi card is flipped, any cards within the Magi's starting category may be added to the player's hand. They can be easily identified by their nomenclature structure i.

Second Order - Second base set, also announced but never made. In celebration of the destruction of the Shadow Geyser, the Caldlings hold a party for Tony. New cards were released periodically until the end of the CCG following Tony, Edyn, and Strag and their Dream Creatures accept the challenge to search The Moonlands for precious Dreamstones that will unlock the long held secrets hidden throughout the 12 Moonlands and ultimately, they hope, keep the ominous evil locked deep within The Core.

They bounced back and forth in the story between getting their shit kicked in and shacking up with The Cald to run the Core forces over. Daybreak - Announced but never made.

Morag turns Motash into a worm, and easily defeats Tony when he is approached.

Magi Nation - Play Game Online

Ashgar, the village elder, and the others accuse Tony of creating the Shadow Geyser. Duel brings to the CCG front.

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They were betrayed by an angsty emo octopus-man named Qwade who got to rule over them with an iron fist as punishment for making fun of him as a kid.

In fluff they were subjugated by the canonically-stupidest Core Magi, having brains of pond scum themselves, and very nearly overran Paradwyn before they remembered tiny things die easily. Powers, Spells and Relics - Play Spell or Relic cards, using energy from your Magi to pay for them, or use the Powers printed on your cards by removing energy from that card equal to the power's cost.

These can later be used these to forge rings which allow the player to summon that creature into battle. Blu conveniently arrives and gives Tony a belt that allows him to swim and breath underwater, before leading him to Orothe, which is actually an undersea city resting on giant turtles.

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The Gatheringtargeting kids that were getting too old for the former but still too young for the latter. An easy enough concept.

Gameplay[ edit ] Magi Nation features many archetypical RPG elements such as levels gained through earning experience points and simple, linear story progression.

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They specialize in effective DC's, of both the beat-stick and regenerating varieties, as well as buffing said DC's with extra energy. Several promotional cards were released that were only available with the manga series, and the Awakening set was published as well, but no further development is forthcoming.

There has been an initial production run of 26 episodes. This also works in reverse — a bunch of small creatures can gang up and sacrifice themselves to take out a large creature. Motash realizes that Tony is the great Magus Kyros, and implores him to destroy the Geyser and then leave the Underneath.

Magi-Nation Duel

Whenever a creature is defeated, the player may receive that creature's animite, a magical stone containing that creature's essence.

Kids will tune in to see if three young Magi heroes and their collected force of Dream Creatures can navigate their way through environmental obstacles, confront constant challenges and battle against the atrocious evil magi and creatures that threaten the vitality of the 12 precious Moonlands of Magi Nation.

Attack - Choose any of your Dream Creatures in play to attack the opponent's side. Point 4 - Turn Order Magi-Nation also has a nice arrangement for turn order that makes playing the game simple and intuitive while not trying to dumb things down.

Cald creatures are mostly abstract forms of lava or fire, though there are several Cald creatures that are animated bodies of armor, and several are based on jungle animals, such as lions and alligators.

The three Magi cards are initially played face-down, and only one Magi card may be put into play at a time. This concept mitigates the luck factor and allows the game to build on a more tactical and strategic level.

DC's attack opponents cards to defeat opposing cards.