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Giovanni then makes her believe that Tomas is in love with her, she then accepts to do their work for them but they have to pay a price She also had a crush on Rocco. Franco and Alma Rey often engage in heated discussions, since Franco despises the kind of ladies that Alma seems to represent Alma often calls Franco "cement face" when she gets angry at himbut as is usual in these cases, they end up falling in love.

For the finale, we see them on a rowboat, having a nice time together. Her family is not rich and Lupita is at the school on scholarship. She has been under the harassment of the school Prefect, Gaston for quite a while, leading her to investigate on the reason why Gaston's grudge towards her.

Alfonso Herrera Miguel Arango is noble, down to earth, and a sense of pride in him. But in spite of all that he angel 2 temporada online dating going to school, and he is doing good with his personal life, family, friends, girls, fun activities, and as a member of RBD.

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She finds out that it was just a misunderstanding and tries to get back with him, but he refuses, saying that he is tired of their on-and-off relationship.

She overprotects her Roberta, although unlike Mia, Roberta is not very fond of her mom always getting cuddly around her and tends to shun her off. Hilda Acosta Played by: Mia eventually finds out about Miguel's secret plan to seek revenge and is heartbroken. He tries his best to help out Vico in her troubled times, despite Vico's refusal and constant rejections.

However, she finds comfort in her newfound friendship with Roberta, who is going through a similar rough patch with Diego and her mother. Sol wants things to go her way no matter what and could be considered the only student at Elite Way whose intentions are not noble, no matter what the situation is.

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He then tries to tell Mia that he finally knows who she is and why he has been having these feelings for her, when he saw her for the first time after he wakes up from his coma.

Fernanda Polin Recurring character in the first season, but becomes principal in the second season. Later on he gets a makeover. The couple takes a romantic trip to Cancun, and get closer than ever while stranded on an island.

He is really loved by the students even though his record claims he is a murderer. Towards the end of the season, Roberta and Diego begin dating again, but when Tomas tells her that he made a bet with Diego dating her, Roberta ends the relationship.

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She has an affinity for the heartagrama trademarked symbol of Finnish rock band HIM. They hug and Marina and Mia become closer. Maite Perroni Guadalupe "Lupita" Fernandez is the good-girl-next-door in the series. At the end of the third season, Sol appears in a magazine and her father is furious and enrolls her in a public school.


Their plan is a success but after Anita moves, Tomas develops a deep relationship with Pilar, for the rest of the series. With time, the sisters work out their problems with Lola beating her former best friend Sol in Lupita's defense when Sol calls Lupita a bitch and grow close.

She has a huge obsession with Miguel Mia's boyfriend and tries to make Miguel feel bad for her. In the second season he wins the Student Body President elections because his team cheats and then shares the presidency with Roberta. They go out even though Teo gets jealous when he sees her with another guy.

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This list has everything from Rocco Bezauri to Mia Colucci. In the end she realizes she is actually in love with Santos, and only wants Nico as a friend. At the end of the third season, Sol appears in a magazine and her father is furious and enrolls her in a public school.

Mia has another meeting with Marina when she is with Lupita and Santos. On a trip to Canada he fakes going out with Mia to get Miguel and Roberta jealous. Javier Alanis Played by: She seems to be extremely stuck up and thinks she is superior to others but in the second season we truly see how cruel she is.

It seems as though making each other jealous worked, because they ended the trip with a passionate kiss.

He comes from a very rich family whom he doesn't have much contact with; he'd rather spend his weekend at school than with his family, whom doesn't pay much attention to him.

Mia soon forgives Franco. This Rebelde main character list includes pictures of Rebelde characters and features useful character information like the names of actors or actresses who play the characters.

List of Rebelde characters

She is hugs Mia, trying her best not break out in tears. Roberta is then forced to spend a month in Spain, against her will, by the man she thinks is her father.

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Alma had to let Roberta go near the end of the first season because Roberta's father Antonio demanded her so she could go to Spain for a month.

Vico comes from a family with a twisted background: The two girls, who were at odds when they first met, grow close and start caring sincerely about each other. As a result, Vico was at the blunt end of her father's physical abuse and psychological torment.

At first, she is cold and ruthless especially towards Mia and her friends. Her father made her stop dating Giovanni.

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Diego often shows that when he has problems, he tends to drink a lot, almost risking his life. He later gets all his memories back during an RBD concert, ironically while Mia is singing Salvame their love song.

Spoiled and self-centered, she however can be very loyal, attentive and tender towards those she loves. Georgina Salgado Although we don't know much about her, we do know that she is obsessed with Giovanni and buys him expensive gifts to get him to like her they also dated for some time.

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After Giovanni's dumped by Augustina, he tries to hit on Lola. This list of most well-known Rebelde characters can also be sorted alphabetically if you click the header at the top of the column labeled "Name. She eventually becomes tired of Lola mistreating her and pushing her around and she becomes more independent.

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Originally Michelle is mostly seen to be manipulated by Raquel. She often uses her friend, Bianca to do her dirty work.