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It is uncommon in cultivation and mostly restricted to arboreta and botanic gardens. This species is not known to be a commercially important timber tree, presumably due to its restricted occurrence protected from exploitation on the 'holy' mountain Emei Shan.

In this video we will demonstrate a new product on how to waterproof marine fabric. It's so effective that it can even be used to waterproof and oil proof facial tissue!

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Just spray it onto your boat canvas. Effectively and Safely Clean your Sunbrella boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery and awnings! Allow to cure; 12 to 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Acid rain appears to be the most serious threat to the species, causing decline or death of trees observed on Emei shan between KR observation and Qiaoping Xiang record from husband and students.

They are mostly made with solution dyed acrylic or polyester threads. Conservation Actions [top] Conservation Actions: The Government of China has also recently imposed a logging ban in western China. It's one component and ready to use.

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Downloaded on 13 August Why You'll Love It: Away from protected areas it may have been locally used for construction. Simply put; it's the best fabric guard on the market today. For your safety, always wear protective gear when handling boat care products.

When dry to touch, apply a 2nd coat.

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It's clear so there is no color change and no milky appearance. Use and Trade [top] Use and Trade: Marine fabrics remain breathable, flexible and retains its original color.

It will NOT rot the threads of your boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery, awnings and other synthetic and natural fabrics. Threats [top] Major Threat s: If you see any errors or have any questions or suggestions on what is shown on this page, please provide us with feedback so that we can correct or extend the information provided.

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However, the populations near the Sichuan pendi, in particular, are vulnerable to acid rain from industries near Chengdu. Protect the treated Sunbrella Boat Cover fabric from rain, dew and moisture until completely cured.

Other forests are not in protected areas and have suffered logging over the past century.