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Megalodon shark tooth carbon dating, is the megalodon shark still alive?

Given the fact that their large sharp teeth were so big and dangerous researchers believed that these teeth were used to hunt some of the largest living oceanic animals of its time, such as large prehistoric whales.

Some say it could still exist in deep and largely unexplored areas of the ocean such as the Mariana Trench. This, some researchers speculate, could be the same behavior that thermoluminescence dating lab Megalodon so tough to spot.

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In fact a shark may replace its teeth as much as 20, times over the period of 25 years. Often, locals know about the animals, but because a biologist hasn't confirmed it the species remains officially extinct.

Although attacks may not occur often large predators such as the killer whale have been known to hunt sharks when they are hungry and other forms of prey are not available.

To fuel this belief, a tooth of almost 4.

Megalodon, Could this Monster Shark Still Exist Today?

Megalodon young may have started out eating fish or other small prey items, and then moved on to larger prey as they got bigger. The rise of species such as Orca the killer whale may have speeded Meg's extinction.

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Nursery areas further suggest this idea as recovered fossils appear to be most common in subtropical coastal waters. A living Megalodon is a fascinating concept for cryptozoologists, novelists, documentary filmmakers and even internet bloggers.

Megalodon Facts: The Real Shark of Paleontology

The Monsterquest team failed to find Megalodon, but many still believe that if this giant shark is still around, this would be a prime location for finding it. The problem with comparing C. Even a foot shark! Unfortunately little is known about the squalodon and even less is known about other potential animals that may have been able to fight off or even seriously injure the massive apex megalodon.

In addition to traveling in groups squalodons also possessed long beaks with triangular serrated teeth that were designed for biting and tearing.

Megalodon Was a Real Shark

If this shark was such a ferocious predator, why did it die out? Megalodon teeth are measured on the slant, using the longest side as the length. The Lazarus Taxon and the Megalodon Shark We know of the real Megalodon shark only from fossil records and preserved teeth.

Even after countless centuries, some fossilized Megalodon teeth are still sharp to the touch. Evidence suggests that these sharks may have inhibited both coastal and offshore waters and may have migrated further from the coast as they grew older in order to maintain their diet.

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This is a creature worth exploring, and whether or not it still survives today it is one of the most fascinating real-world monsters that ever lived. Occasionally a stray report will wash up of a larger-than-normal shark spotted somewhere. Because of the predatory nature of sharks these powerful hunters have developed the ability to replace broken and lost teeth throughout their entire lives.

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The Black Demon of Cortez In the last few years there have been many reported sightings to suggest a Megalodon may be terrorizing the Sea of Cortez, just south of the California border.

It must have been amazing! Some speculate that Megalodon populations may have survived in the Mariana Trench and other deep parts of the ocean.

If you can look past the terrible haircut, you will notice the HUGE freaking tooth! Because most researchers do not consider there to be a direct link between mako sharks and megatoothed sharks like C. Where should I start?

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It was the largest predatory shark ever, even more powerful than the largest dinosaurs. Could this be the origin of the Bloop sound?

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The world of prehistory is constantly changing with the advent of new discoveries, and it is best if you use this information as a jumping off point for your own research. Giant squids, tube worms, and sperm whales would make an excellent meal for a shark this enormous.

The megalodon was originally believed to be 90 — ft.

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It may sound like a monster from a horror movie, but Megalodon was a real shark, and it really did exist in our world's oceans at one time. In order to generate these extinction estimates researchers have studied the fossil records of these enormous sharks using state of the art technology and fossil reading techniques to estimate the age of the fossil bones that have been identified such as megalodon teeth and backbone.

Now we know much more about these creatures, and that there is an even larger monster squid out there.

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In fact, not so long ago I wrote an article about the Megalodon sharkexploring the idea that it may still be around today. It's estimated that a fully grown adult shark may go through up to 20k teeth during it's lifetime.

The teeth of Carcharodon hubbelli have been interpreted by some to be transitional in form, linking Carcharodon carcharias with Isurus genus which houses the mako sharks.

Megalodon Quick Facts

This has in turn led to a great deal of confusion about Megalodon encounters in modern times, as well as the real creature that swam in our oceans for millions of years.

In an Australian naturalist named David Stead recorded events when local fisherman refused to go back out to sea after an unbelievably massive shark had demolished their gear and taken their catch.

Others say it ought to be in the genus Carcharocles, which means it would have evolved in line with other prehistoric giant sharks and has no living relatives. So if Meg is still around, it must have changed its behaviors drastically.

Similarities in terms of teeth shape and serration makes this shark one of the closest observable animals to the prehistoric megalodon.

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They may be living at great depths like their parents, or it could be possible that they they are so rare and so similar to the Great White that when they are spotted they are simply assumed to be adult Great White sharks.