LogMeOut? Mikogo is your free remote support alternative! LogMeOut? Mikogo is your free remote support alternative!

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User has the option to share files with any individual or a groups of persons. Free imPcRemote enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers free for personal AND businesses, but only for a few computers.

He can download its latest version from their official website mikogo free alternative dating from other sites such as CNET or Downloads. Using it on multiple computers or trying to customize it and you will have to buy it.

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Mikogo allows recording the screen happenings as a video and the session presenter can even get a digital whiteboard to explain his presentation with a laser pointer.

In addition, group and private chatting is also allowed, together with group messaging facility. This featured tool includes VoIP chat protocol in addition. The application mikogo free alternative dating very low and pretty nifty data intensive one that gets the remote desktop.

Addition to that, the normal connections are also secured by SSL encryption. Free A Google app that is great, simply because it involves no hard drive space. Click here to read complete guide on how to use this feature.

Now all you need to do is simply share the 9-digit code with the people you want to share the session with. Free trial is available and for paid options click here. A user has option to switch from one application to the other according to his needs. The experience offered by Splashtop in Remote accessing is amazing and top va shin se kyung dating secured service, using a price makes it one of the best Teamviewer Alternatives.

Is Splashtop A Viable Alternative For Microsoft Remote Desktop?

Although Mikogo is the best option for screen sharing and other applications, yet it does not mean that no other alternative of it is available online.

Desktop users will need to download the appropriate Windows, Mac or Linux app for launching remote sharing session, while those who plan to join in can also do so via the mobile apps for iOS or Android, in addition to the web.

Below are some of the features that you should look at. Mikogo has made online presentations quite easy, The participants can view the presentations live on their screens. The end of LogMeIn Free naturally raises the question of how former users want to react to this change: There are many features included with Mikogo as a free download.

The screen-sharing features are the highlight of the software, although you need to purchase one of the premium plans in order to share with more than one person at a time.

The installation process is quite easy and takes only few minutes. Published Jan 22, at After creating an account and downloading the app, sign into it with the email address and password you used to register with the service.

You can control their keyboard and mouse remotely and everything they see on their screen, you will see on your screen.


Does not require you to configure your firewall or router settings. However, it has not yet the video-conferencing facility. We tried to cover the best possible free and cheap options in this article. On next Mikogo gives user profile customization feature to decide on the settings of contacts for role play.

Perhaps you have missed some of your desktop tools that were remote? The tool gives users dual mode communication system, one is the traditionally built in VoIP and another is the free teleconference numbers — the local audio conference only number. This application does not wish to install any extra software to get the job done and is terrific for users.

Allows the user to drag and drop files with great ease. What do you think about Mikogo? Mikogo is a perfect solution for remote support. Simply sign up for a free account and download the software to try it out on your Windows, Mac or Linux system.

The fact is that more other options are available, a user can easily switch to other screen-sharing apps which offer even more amazing features than Mikogo.

Mikogo: Free LogMeIn Alternative For Screen Sharing & Remote Access

Users may consider customize the color option of their screen before sharing to get faster screen sharing. The one thing that I absolutely love about SupRemo is just how lightweight it is as compared to some of the competition in the market. Data centers are the standard in industrial applications and are configured using remote desktop programs.

To make it better understandable, users can create profile with certain functional privileges and access permission for their contacts to follow by.

What's in this list?

ScreenLeap Screenleap provides the best quality screen-sharing services. While this is a perfectly capable app, and it has been specifically designed with business meetings and other tasks in mind, there are numerous free alternatives that could be considered.

Free for non-commercial applications; Paid options are also there for Starters, Premium and Corporate. Looking back to the Mikogo software itself, users can grant sharing rights to any contact, thus presenter change or session handover can go on easily.

5 Mikogo Alternatives: Which One Is Better?

The setting can be obtained in the System settings of the computer. Stop helping them altogether? Secure connection supported by Windows and easy to handle software makes Ammyy Adminn among the remote desktop customers that are preferred.

Quick and complete access control on a distant PC, Easy to set up and already built into Microsoft Windows.

Top 15 Mikogo Alternatives

The software interface is multilingual and may be changed between among 35 languages. Users' Reviews Mikogo is not only a screen sharing tool but more than that. There is no limit on how many times you can download the software or how many computers you can install it on.

When screen-sharing, you can choose the specific application you want your team to see, while keeping everything else invisible. With a slight difference in one way or the other, they offer the same services.