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This is the formula and it simply hasn't changed one bit in the time I've been watching these films. It seems unreasonable to do this when she did especially to make others notice her.

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Why would you then hide who you are? The film chooses to go the predictable route by having the character become more vain as the film goes along with her distancing herself from her friend AND her dad.

There's a good idea here with this character, due to her confidence issue, trying to do something to boost herself. Boy does she cry a non accommodating bilingualism and home in this goddamn film.

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Kylie B Super Reviewer well, it's a great movie! This movie is the star vehicle for new actress Ah-jung Kim. This really is a showcase for Ah-jung Kim's tears. I'm not surprised this movie becomes hits in Korea. Even though the plot is simplistic, it is very witty and provides consistent comedy.

And I think the film could've done a lot with that and the reasons and the complexities of why someone chooses to do this. Obviously being skinny and fake is preferable Great movie and great laugh!

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This scene is terrible and utterly weepy. I don't think the combined weight of every person on this earth could match the weight of the tears that are shed in these 'comedies'.

The cast did a very great job, and catchy songs they have in this movie. Anyway, not a very good film. The message this film sends is that fat people are ugly and not worth your time.

She can be very charming and lovely, but her constant crying, sometimes for no reason whatsoever, got to be too much for me.

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Overall, a feel-good movie that is a definite must watch Steven Vincent Gee Super Reviewer Why can't they write a real happy ending for a big girl? She gives a great performance and fits the role perfectly.

Imagine if instead of being fat, Ah-jung's character was a lesbian and the film played out exactly the same way as it does now. The movie does not take itself too seriously like a lot of Korean movies.

I keep hoping for these films to get better and I refuse to accept that this is all a formula and I should just give up. It tries too hard.

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At least I didn't enjoy it that much, I'm sure a lot of people will like it much more than I did. Why would Ah-jung's character choose to pretend to be a different person after losing all the weight and the plastic surgery?

But, of course, a romantic comedy has to be easy to follow and easy to digest. The film compaletely harps on the fact that Ah-jung's character used to be ugly and fat and at no point does the film even try to make up for that.

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So yea I thought the ending was terribly and horribly weepy. It goes without saying that the film is really shallow. There's no acceptable way for a film to, imply, that fat people are ugly and therefore not worth the time.

The story was great, it make my eyes wide open to see people not from their physics but their personality. It tries to be funny and silly, where this film is at its best, and then becomes melodrama by the climax, and then it's back to the comedy before the credits roll.

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Perhaps it's my fault. It seems I've said this a billion times by now, but the melodrama is absolutely forced in this film. The film, up until that point, was decent and of course they had to fuck that up with the dramatic aspects.

It makes no sense and all it does is ensure the big dramatic moment at the end of the film when, during her first concert, she breaks down and confesses who she is.

As long as these films keep making money then they'll keep getting made.