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In that time, he has since become a MMA analyst for ESPN and now hosts his own successful podcast which sees him retain his prominent voice within the sport.

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This includes 16 straight wins and 10 title defenses, which has made him a legend in UFC history. He is considered one of the biggest draws in UFC history.


During his run as champion, he dated model Patrycja Mikula. But, his debut stint as project manager made for car mma fighters dating celebrities television, fluffing his lines in an important presentation in a similar fashion to his attempt at being an in-ring interviewer at the Affliction shows.

Keep scrolling to view a full ranking of the 40 richest MMA fighters in the world as of November 15, The singer has been an MMA fan for a few years, having attended several UFC events, and has even gone as far as to train in the sport, which is believed to be how she first met Rockhold.

He started with mixed martial arts and became famous very soon and at a very young age learned the martial arts to a higher degree.

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Brock is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and widely regarded as one of the most intimidating monsters online dating south africa durban mission fight in the Octagon. Tito Ortiz He is a retired mixed martial artist with a very popular state and a great fan base in the UFC crowd.

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Since his appearance, Rockhold has claimed to be a victim of some unfavourable editing. Lovato first rose to fame as a child actress who featured in a number of Disney TV shows and films, but her singing career has taken her to even greater heights, including claiming a number of top 10 chart hitting singles and albums around the world.

He has a great personality for which he has a big fan base.

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He is the most famous mixed martial artist that made him have the biggest fan base as an individual fighter all over Russia. The fractured grammatical twists gave the suits pause as they listened, their brows furrowed in confusion about Ortiz's words.

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Bonus Fewer thanLisette once worked as a Spanish and dance instructor. The relationship was reportedly abusive and violent, which eventually led to Tito gaining custody of his sons.

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As the UFC has exploded in popularity, some of the largest corporations in the world have poured tens of millions into sponsoring individual fighters. Arlouski would have two more fights with Tim Sylvia in which Sylvia was successful both times.

He is considered one of the most advanced fighters with three-time former Welterweight Champion Awards under his belt, for which his fans find it engaging to watch his matches.

Ortiz largely flew under the radar up until his final appearance on the show.

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Randy is another fighter with the multiple weight winnings. He was married to former adult star Jenna Jamesonand the two had twin boys together.

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Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it! For a while everything seemed to be going right for Huerta, winning six fights in a row in the UFC, while also being romantically linked to Octagon Girl, Arianny Celeste.

Demi Lovato was dating an MMA fighter, it was ‘a quick fling but it’s over now’

For Randy's final match this is how his cut of Pay Per View sales broke down: He holds a great fan base because of his skills inside the ring and his winning persona. People love watching these matches and thus they have a great fan base along with a lot of money that they have out of their winnings.

It made for a very interesting workout session. He is a trainer of martial arts as well and thus has a lot of skills in martial arts.

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Arianny Celeste She may not be a fighter, but Arianny Celeste is practically part of the furniture in the UFC, having served as an Octagon girl for the past decade.

These championships have brought them immense fame and a great amount of money. He holds a record number of winning, knockout, title defenses and has a long winning streak in the history of Pride Championships.

Despite all of his success, his biggest accomplishment has to be dating the incredibly beautiful Lisette Gadzuric.