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Wyong, New South Wales

However, there were plenty of points where the risk occurs a diffused riskpucacina online dating lake being unstable.

Wyong is the hub of transport services in the northern part of the Central Coast Council local government area.

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Wyong Racecourse is an important provincial track with weekly meetings. Cape had two sons who also held land grants. Wyong Hospital is not located in the town, rather it is located 8.

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A reasonable council simply would not erect a sign in every single point where danger occurs, that is just too much of a burden.

Built init is the oldest church in Wyong and is still in use today.

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The Plaintiff alleged that signs should have been erected. Built by Albert Hamlyn Warner, History[ edit ] Wyong is an indigenous word meaning either 'an edible yam' or 'place of running water'.

Wyong Public School is located on Cutler Drive, north of the town centre. Court House, Alison Road, Wyong built The council can reasonably foresee that there is a risk for divers.


To the west is the Pacific Motorway previously known as F3 providing road access to Newcastle and Sydney. Legal issues Breach of Duty - Calculus of negligence Judgment When applying the test determining the standard duty of care, one must look forward and not back as in, position ourselves before the accident not after it When looking forward, all possibilities are considered and proper weight is given to the relevant factors.

The next most common country of birth was England at 3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 6. Plaintiff dove into the ocean from a rock platform and cracked his neck.

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And it is only by looking forward from a time before the accident that due weight can be given to what Mason J referred to. However, when looking forwards, one considers how the council was actually meant to act: According to the census of Population, there were 4, people in Wyong.

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Dates fromformerly known as "Hakone". The Pacific Highway is the main street in the town.

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In this case, if one looks backward, a judge will conclude that considering how severe the injury was, the council should have erected a sign to prohibit diving. This building is built on the site of the first Post Office which opened in The most common responses for religion were No Religion The Plaintiff has seen many others do it without a problem.

Turreted buildings, Cnr Church St, Wyong. Wyong Public SchoolAlison Rd. Wyong High School is west of the town centre. The town has extensive sport and leisure facilities.