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The Emperor stoically refuses, but Shang leaps to his aid just in time. Appearance[ edit ] Mushu is a small, red, serpentine Chinese dragon.

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Kingdom Hearts II[ edit ] Mushu serves as Mulan's guardian and becomes her source of power after her identity as a female is exposed to Captain Shang.

The wise Emperor reminds the general that "one man can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Mulan - Mulan meets Mushu scene

Mushu emerges from the snow soon after mushu despierta al dragon latino dating tells Ping they should return home, calling her "Mulan" as he is completely oblivious to Captain Shang's presence until she points it out.

Chi Fu, the Emperor's council, has remained at training camp to compile a report on the new troops. If needed, Mushu resorts to lies or blanking details in order to put forth a better image of himself. Mulan can no longer hide her gender, and she is ousted to the rest of the troops.

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He is met by Cri-Kee, the "lucky" cricket who had accompanied Mulan to the matchmaker, and the two eventually decide to go after Mulan themselves. Mushu plans to make Mulan excel in the army, thus earning back his place among the ancestors as a guardian.

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Mushu despierta al dragon latino dating has an increasingly difficult time keeping her identity hidden, especially since the men all bathe together in a nearby lake, and Mushu is called upon to provide distractions when things get too dangerous.

Although Cri-kee the Fa family's pet cricket and "good luck charm" suggests that Mushu bring Mulan back home himself to avoid punishment, Mushu decides to software engineer profile description dating Mulan a war hero to regain his position as a guardian.

[Dragon] - Mushu The Virulent

During their trek, Mulan's friends keep their spirits up by dreaming about their ideal woman, but their optimism is short-lived. Though she presents him with the Emperor's crest and the sword of Shan Yu, he casts the priceless gifts aside and embraces Mulan, ensuring her that "the greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.

Mulan arrives at the outskirts of the training camp, terrified of her task and dejectedly telling her horse, Khan, that it would take a miracle for her plan to work. Ling calls Ping a "shrimp," angering Mushu.

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As if on cue, Mushu and Cri-Kee appear, with Mushu falsely introducing himself as a trusted guardian of her ancestors and promising to help her become a model soldier.

The "little, lethal, and legendary" dragon is delighted to see his old friends again, and the young man proudly introduces himself as "Ping, son of Fa Zhou.

This turns out to be false information; the group returns to the village in the mountains to find it burned almost completely to the ground. They are all about to give up hope when they discover that Shan Yu and many of the Huns had survived the avalanche and are emerging from the snow.

Knowing her father will die if put in combat again, Mulan makes a desperate decision. His eyes are large, close set, and appear to be a very dark shade of brown or red.

During the film's climatic battle at the Emperor's palace, Mulan leads Shan-Yu onto the roof where Mushu fires a rocket at the villain, blasting Shan-Yu in fireworks tower which kills him in the explosion. Mulan timidly enters the camp and, following Mushu's instructions on how to interact with men, inadvertently causes a brawl.

Shan Yu and the Huns are riding quickly through the wilderness toward the Imperial City.

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Mulan lures Shan Yu to the roof of the palace, before Mushu arms himself with an enormous firework rocket which he launches at Shan Yu. In the ultimate display of respect, the Emperor bows to Mulan, as do the countless people in the attending crowd.

Origin[ edit ] Mushu originates from the Disney film Mulan. The ruse works, and Shang marches the troops out of camp the following day. As the chaos subsides, Chi Fu verbally attacks Mulan for her actions. Shan Yu plans to move his army through a mountain pass, which is the swiftest route to the Imperial City.

The soldiers run for safety, with Shang and Mulan narrowly avoiding falling to their deaths over a cliff. Shang is unimpressed with the sloppy new recruits, especially awkward Mulan, who presents herself as Fa Zhou's little-seen son Ping.

He abandons Mulan, Mushu, Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the mountains, and it is at this point that Mulan decides to return home as Mushu suggested. Additionally, Mushu can be used as part of magic sleights that require the use of any summon card, including Gifted MiracleConfuseand Tornado. Although he is not used directly as an ally, Mushu is used in the last stage of Mulan's Red Rocket limit, launching a series of fiery attacks at foes which ends with a downpour of large fireballs.

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The Huns immediately attack, and it is evident that they greatly outnumber the soldiers. As Mulan, Shang, and the troops progress through the snowy mountains, Mushu accidentally sets off a cannon and gives away their position. However, Shan-Yu and some of his Heartless are revealed to still be alive.

In the city, Shang and his troops are being hailed as heroes for defeating the Huns.

Texto: Mulan - Mulan meets Mushu scene

Shang angrily defends her until the Emperor appears. His belly and two whiskers are yellow-orange. Deeply ashamed, Mulan returns home and laments that she is not the daughter her parents deserve. After rushing through her morning chores, she meets her mother, Fa Li Freda Foh Shen and grandmother June Foray in town and is bathed and dressed before joining the other girls at the matchmaker's house.

Mulan thanks him for his help in her adventurous plan, and the ancestors celebrate that the Fa family is complete again. Mushu finally admits that he was not sent by the ancestors, and that his mission was a selfish one to get his job back.

Donald believes the creature is a Heartless, and Sora decides to attack it, even though Goofy cautions him to reconsider this decision. Shan Yu threatens to kill the Emperor if he refuses to bow to him and accept him as the new leader of China.

Mushu's teeth are sharp and white, and his floppy ears have dark red tips. Mulan's eccentric grandmother insists that Mulan take a live cricket with her for good luck, but the insect escapes from its cage and wreaks havoc at the meeting.

Mulan watches in fear as young men are called forward to receive their orders, knowing that her aging and weak father will be called up as well, being the only male member of the Fa family.

They cannot go after her, for impersonating a soldier is a capital offense, and Mulan would be executed if her identity was revealed. Just as the trio is about to attack, the shadow reveals itself to be none other than Mushu.

He then offers Mulan a job as his council to the shock of Chi Fubut Mulan respectfully declines and expresses her wish to return home.

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Her father, however, comforts her and metaphorically suggests that the cherry blossom late to bloom will be the most beautiful of all. As Fa Zhou is summoned by Chi Fu, Mulan pleads for her father to be excused from battle, as he is already a veteran and is afflicted with an injured leg.

The Emperor's smug councilman, Chi Fu James Hong arrives at Mulan's village to draft one man from each family for the imperial army.