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Seriously how can you not love her? Mentions seohyun as ideal type since pre-debut until now. Please let me know if I left anyone out and be sure to leave a comment!

I've never been a shipper of BaekYeon mainly because I'm mostly Seohyun this and Seohyun that, but when I heard of them dating, I had never been happier. Posted 07 March - Sung Si Kyung - he praised and said Seohyun is really beautiful on his radio show.

But through everything, I'm with Seohyun always!! I think everything you commented is completely true.

When Suengri was trying to act all cool and suave, and then right when Seohyun said "Suengri oppa Min Kyung Hoon — he really like seohyun and he is very jealous dicico online dating yonghwa who acted seohyun virtual husband in WGM.

Others The above 4 were notable examples of well-known fanboys of our girl. He loves the fact that she only thinks about sweet potatoes. A - said he likes Seohyun on TV Daily.

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A lot of people are already complaining right now because they want to hear news that SeoHyun's dating whoever they're shipping for. Jinwoon of 2AM Oh, Seomates. He was the go-to Seohyun expert on the show. There are many shippers of different guys for her, many many shippers The man tweeted his envy of the YongSeo couple.

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Don't worry man, she melts me too. I personally got schooled by Jinwoon on random Seobaby habits back when I was first becoming a fan. But what really lands this guy in the Celebrity Fanboy Hall of Fame would be his declaration of love during an interview that even has the host roaring with laughter.

Seungri Big Bang - he said he wants to receive a chocolate from Seohyun while calling him an oppa. But the hate was getting ridiculous!

During radio shows he has always complimented her and admitted that he felt nervous around her.

And they remain friends to this day. It's gonna be really hard for her to choose a boyfriend! But the list is neverending of those who have named Seohyun as their favorite member or ideal type. But I'm not sure if she likes him too: I even took down my BaekSeo video because it wasn't really appropriate for all the BaekYeon lovin' going on.

Yoseob of Beast at 1: Han Gi Gu - baseball player.

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A - chose Seohyun as the member he wants to be if he is a girl. He said that it would be one of the two. Thank you for your comment!! Who would you want to see in that situation, Yuri or Seohyun? Kevin of U-kiss at 0: Check it out at around 0: Taehun chose Seohyun as his ideal type of girl for her pureness.

Seungri pushed out SeoHyo and Taeyanh pulled Seohyun by the waist.

Yoseob Beast - he said he liked Seohyun because of her cuteness. First piece of evidence? He refuses to answer this question.