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Nathan stewart jarrett and antonia thomas dating, this misfits e4 photo might contain business suit.

Shows can survive losing major characters. Nathan is to leave the E4 show later this year.

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In the case of Nathan and Misfits, word from the set is that they have known for many months that he was going and they weren't surprised or put out. Whether the promise of an online special to mark his departure will alleviate their disappointment remains to be seen.

So what will Sheehan's decision mean for Misfits? But there are shows that can survive without their titular hero, as Taggart proved after lead actor Mark McManus died in For some the show has grown in stature with the lead detective's successors — it has been off air because of a row between producers STV and ITV, rather than because of any dip in popularity.

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Robert Sheehanwho plays the cocky motormouth in life as well as on screen, judging by his limelight-hogging at the many recent awards ceremonies has decided to call it a day, and will leave the show in a web-only episode that will be released later this year ahead of series three.

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ITV's 60s cop show Heartbeat managed to survive the departure of Nick Berry inwith identikit nice guy hunky copper Jason Durr helping the format survive for a further decade. In fact sometimes a TV programme shows off by killing off a star character just to show that it can.

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Blog home Can Misfits survive without Nathan? So will the show be damaged by losing its 'fittest' star, or could it emerge healthier than ever, like Doctor Who?

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Misfits is a gang show, and relies on the strength of its ensemble playing. The result was howls of protests from fans, and no series four.

And sometimes, as in the case of South Park's Kenny, you can kill them off again and again and again. For my money they should never have killed off George O'Malley, but that's another question.

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Meanwhile Doctor Who doesn't do badly by changing it's lead every few years, while soaps, of course, have to cope with the regular departure of top characters and performers. When I told my year-old twin nieces that a character was leaving their favourite TV show, they were praying it wasn't Nathan — "the fittest Misfit".

Only time will tell. Robert Sheehan is to leave the E4 superhero drama.

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He'll be missed but they're confident the show can survive, especially as series three will build on the story of the non-nerdy, very cool Simon from the future. And it worked rather well. In fact, as if to make sure this misconceived jaunt couldn't return, Robin was also killed off in the series finale.

So while Sheehan may be well fit, the programme — which has won every major award going — is perhaps fitter.

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I for one wouldn't have missed a character who has spent almost the entire series wondering whether her sensitive, hunky, stallion-in-the-sack, brain surgeon admirer Dr Shepherd was good enough for her.

The BBC has also tried this trick: It was rumoured that the producers might have been planning just that when she nearly drowned in series three. Others might think Carrell's character too pivotal for that to happen.

The producers of ABC's Lost sacrificed a much loved character a Charlie, say, or a Mr Eko each series; in House, the writers got rid of Hugh Laurie's entire team of young diagnosticians, with series four a kind of extended audition for his new sidekicks.