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The craziest thing about this pairing is the version of "Kockin'".

Neil Young and Bob Dylan - Helpless + Knockin' on Heaven's Door 1975

The song's second verse contains the surreal nature-inspired imagery that was typical of Young's early s work, similar to the lyrics of the well-known title track from the After the Gold Rush album: Lang recorded a version with a lush string section for her album Hymns of the 49th Parallel.

Where is it's door? Omemee, Ontario, is one of them. First of all, they don't just start the song, they conjure it up off of the back end of Neil's "Helpless".

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When Bill learned a budget cut was about to put an end to all extracurricular activities in San Francisco public schools, he persuaded the city to let him put on a benefit he called SNACK -- an acronym for "San Francisco Needs Athletics, Culture, and Kicks. By using the drawing power of artists who were willing to contribute their services for a worthy cause, Bill had discovered a way to use rock "to solve a social problem.

Well folks, you get that and more. This was no ordinary version of "Knockin'". The highlight of the set comes next, when the band plays together on Young's classic ballad "Helpless. Let us know in the comments below!

Neil Young

P and Tim Drummond teamed up with Bob and the Band for a ramshackle rumbling through a selections of stellar songs. It's where I first went to school and spent my 'formative' years. It's a unique version lyrically as well, as Dylan improvises lyrics and changes the chorus to "Knockin On The Dragon's Door," a change that's significance is open to speculation.

Patti Smith covered the song on her album Twelve.

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Actually, it's a couple of towns. Helpless right into Knocking on Heaven's door. Actually I was born in Toronto This is a Haley's Comet union. The "town in North Ontario" referred to in the opening line of the song is often presumed to be Ontario native Young's hometown; Young himself cleared up the rumors in a Mojo interview with Nick Kent: This show has "Legend" status for one key reason: Unfortunately, Dylan is all but inaudible on "Helpless", as the radio announcers comment on after tracks complete.

We get some Band songs, we get a handful of Neil songs, Bob songs, a couple cover songs and then we get a crazy off--the-cuff concoction of classic and combustion: More "Greatest Hits" Album Lyrics.

Neil Young, Bob Dylan & The Band Lyrics

If those students needed their kicks, they got 'em that day. Well, not all of the new lyrics are indecipherable As "Helpless" is coming to a close, the group continues playing, and the song flows very naturally into Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - an inspired pairing.

Nick Cave also recorded a rendition of this song for a Young tribute album. Are they singing about Richard Manuel? It is unique that these songs show up in a setlist segue; it is even more impossible that they are performed live, together, by their masters.

The song was simple, at its core effectively the repetition of one melody over a descending D-A-G chord progression, but despite or perhaps because of its simplicity the group found difficulty deciding on an arrangement and many different versions of the song were recorded before the group finally decided on the slow-paced version that appeared on the album.

Neil Young News: Bob Dylan & Neil Young: "Helpless", Radio Broadcast

No, this was a spur of the moment, wing-it, striking sparks sing-a-long. The concert raised enough money to fund after-school programs in San Francisco schools for another year.

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Bob goes all William Burroughs on us with a completely new set of obscure and indecipherable lyrics. These two songs tower above in the respective collections of hits, misfires and experimental musings from these two champions.

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No, you want surprise and shock and awe and a "moment". Blue, blue windows behind the stars Yellow moon on the rise Big birds flying across the sky Throwing shadows on our eyes Write a comment What do you think about song "Helpless"? On this final version Young was in the foreground, singing the verses and the chorus with his bandmates providing the "helpless" refrain, while the instrumentation came in the form of acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar or electric guitar with volume pedaland piano.

Experimental rock artist Bill Nelson recorded a version of the song. The playing is not perfect, but would you want it to be?