List of NFL champions (–) List of NFL champions (–)

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Attendance Smallest — 13, in at Chicago. Teams would also receive a replica trophy. A number of new rule changes were instituted, many inspired by the indoor championship game: According to modern tie-breaking rules, Akron and Buffalo would be co-champions.

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A third-place game was played during the s. The collapse at the Steelers in the playoffs. Emmitt Smith at running back.

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The league had no divisions in Say, for argument's sake, that there really is some kind of curse hovering over the pro sports teams that call Cleveland home. The Cleveland Brownsthe Eastern champion at 11—3—0, did not play that week. The advent of the postseason[ edit ] — Eastern and Western Conferences and Divisions — The NFL officially classifies these ten games and statistics as exhibitions, not playoff games.

At its inception inthe NFL had no playoff system or championship game: Inthe Akron Pros went undefeated, tying nfl champion of championships yahoo dating games, but two teams that had won more games and who had both tied Akronthe Buffalo All-Americans and Decatur Staleyspetitioned the league for a share of the title; both teams' petitions were denied, and Akron was awarded the first and only Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup.

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The move to Baltimore. That day is seemingly not coming anytime soon. Commissioner Elmer Layden approved a similar arrangement for the season, with the same limitation. The Philadelphia Eagles are the only team to win back-to-back championships by shutouts, defeating the Chicago Cardinals7—0, in — in a blizzard — and the Los Angeles Rams14—0, in The Browns, led by Quarterback Otto Grahamwon all four of the league championship games.

For its first three seasons, the league was divided into two divisions: The Canton Bulldogs won two straight championships from toand the Green Bay Packers won three in a row from to At the time it was the longest online free dating sites in bangalore india football championship game ever played.

At the end of the season, the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans were tied with the best winning percentage at.

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Michael Irvin at the No. The 49ers also have what is a championship-caliber defense. Oh, what could have been. To determine the champion, the league, reportedly at the behest of George Preston Marshallvoted to hold the first official playoff game in Chicago at Wrigley Field.

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With its creation inthe AFL determined its champion via a single playoff game between the winners of its two divisions, the Eastern and Western. The Redskins moved south to Washington following the game. If there was a tie for first place within the conference, an extra playoff game decided who would go to the NFL Championship Game, with a coin toss deciding where the game would be played.

The trophy was named after Ed Thorp, a noted referee, rules expert, and sporting goods dealer. The result was that although the two teams were effectively tied in the standings, the disputed game, having been played later, was given more weight and thus ended up being considered a de facto championship game.

Jerry Ricethe greatest wide receiver of all time, is a three-time Super Bowl champion. The and NFL championship games were played on Monday afternoons, Christmas having fallen on a Sunday in those years.

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Sneaking off to Indianapolis in the middle of the night after the season. That drought could come to an end sooner than later.

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Ironically, it was Pottsville's win in that game against the Notre Dame All-Stars that gave professional football legitimacy over college football. Green Bay had won both its games with Baltimore during the regular season, but because no tie-breaker system was in place, a conference playoff game was held on December 26 what was scheduled to be an off-week between the end of the regular schedule and the NFL Championship Game.

Starting with the game the winning team received the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy. New York City hosted the most championship games eightwhile the highest-attended title game was the NFL Championship Gamewhere 85, fans showed up in Los Angeles to watch the Browns beat the Rams 38— Numbers never lie, or so suggests a show that airs on a certain four-letter sports network, and the record books tell us that the Steelers are the best NFL franchise of the Super Bowl era.

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The Philadelphia Eagles recorded two consecutive shutouts in and The league recognized the Bidwills' claim to the title and has taken no other action on the issue, although a self-made championship trophy from the Maroons sits in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Not in the current era with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson leading the offense. To settle the tie, a playoff game was played; Chicago won the game and the championship.

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The league awarded the Cardinals the title, one of only two in the team's history, but the Cardinals declined the offer and the championship was vacated. Those Dallas teams were, when at their best, close to unbeatable.

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The Browns lost 3 straight — 53 as did the New York Giants — The NFL now classifies these contests as exhibition games and does not include the records, participants, or results in the official league playoff statistics. The Browns — the Cleveland Browns — were once the greatest football franchise in all of North America.

Inthe Browns became the first professional football team to complete an entire season undefeated and untied — 24 years before the Miami Dolphins of the NFL would accomplish the task, but this feat is not recognized by NFL record books.

Because of severe winter conditions before the game, and fear of low turnout, the game was held indoors at Chicago Stadium which forced some temporary rule changes. The Green Bay Packers won 3 straight championship games twice —31 and — 67and the most over all championships with As a result, in the league's first six seasons, four league titles were disputed and had to be resolved by the league's executive committee.

A dominating defense on the opposite side of the ball. During this period, the league divided its teams into two groups, through as divisions and from onward as conferences.

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The trophy was last awarded to the Minnesota Vikings in While the Niners struggled throughout last decade, it has since turned things around. Had win-loss differential the standard method in baseball been used, the Decatur Staleys would have won the title by virtue of being one game ahead of Buffalo, and the title would have been won by the Frankford Yellow Jacketswho were four games ahead of actual champion Cleveland in the standings by that measure.

The playoff game proved so popular that the league reorganized into two divisions for the season, with the winners advancing to a scheduled championship game. A coin toss would decide possession of the Ed Thorp trophy that accompanied the league title should the championship game result in a tie.

San Fran was, during a year period, so much more than that.

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