niall horan interview niall horan interview

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Niall horan interview

Niall told the shock jock he hadn't heard of the American reality star. Have you ever been afraid to ask a girl out? But Niall wouldn't be the first member or rather ex-member of One Direction linked to Selena. What's the biggest misconception about you?

That I have a girlfriend - I don't have a girlfriend. There hasn't been anyone great in a while. Once word of Selena and Niall's possible public rendezvous was leaked, Justin posted a throwback of him and Selena early Sunday morning. Niall apparently even stayed after One Direction's set to see Selena perform.

Thus far, Selena and Niall have not confirmed their coupling, but that indias first electric bus in bangalore dating stopped the whispers about a budding romance between the two.

To say that we're a little bit jealous of Selena's love life would be an understatement. When I'm not working, I only want to go back to Ireland and chill with my friends. Earlier this week, he took to Twitter to announce he was glad to be back and was 'going into hiding for the day to rest up.

Were you this laid-back in high school? Earlier that evening, the two Niall with One DirectionSelena solo performed as part of the I was very talkative-I was a people person. What do you like most about her? Its sequel was Farrah 2: Have you gone on any good dates recently? When I was young, I was shy around girls.

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Other niall horan interview about dating dominican claimed the two left the Staples Center together at the same time. But ask the year-old about a certain girl and it's clear there's a secret seriousness under his mellow Irish exterior!

There's so much gossip written about all the guys in the band. It's so crazy that she can be so honest about everything she's gone through. The nice thing about Demi is, once you know her, she's really, really beautiful. I say she's very attentive in the video,' Kyle commented, telling Niall he'll show him the video off-air.

He also recorded a performance for Sunrise. Jackie commented that fellow British singer Ed Sheeran prefers to use a cubicle, but Niall told the duo 'I'm still a urinal man'.

We became good friends. People also say I'm boxy, like it looks like I haven't been to the gym. Friends and family come first-always. Clearly you're not shy.

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She was only half way,' the shock jock added. If I ever needed anything or needed to talk to anybody, I think Demi would be the person to talk to. But now, I wouldn't be afraid to ask a girl out.

They then spoke about urinals, with Jackie pictured saying Ed Sheeran prefers to use a cubicle Later during a game of ten quick questions, Kyle was asked about what he 'really regrets. Kyle informed Niall that Farrah is also currently in Australia and is looking for a man as she prepares to film a new dating show Down Under.

I like to treat people the way I want to be treated. But Selena Gomez and Niall Horan stole the show, prompting many to wonder: Earlier this week, he took to Twitter to announce he was glad to be back and was 'going into hiding for the day to rest up'.

The fact that it's not Throwback Thursday didn't escape us, Justin. It doesn't bother me. Are they or aren't they together? There's always something going around.

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In an interview earlier this month, Selena said she'd be down to go on a date with Zayn Malik. The two were reportedly spotted kissing, hugging and dancing together all night. Niall and Selena were first spotted having a group dinner together on the 23rd, prompting whispers that they were secretly dating.

Selena certainly knows how to keep them wanting more. But everyone knows you have a crush on Demi Lovato.

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He's in Australia to promote his new music InAbraham gained notoriety after the release of the 'sex tape' Farrah Superstar: I was always singing During the interview, Niall was asked about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham 'I'll show you the porno,' Kyle said as Jackie scolded her co-host, telling him not to 'corrupt' Niall.

I don't believe in games. Backdoor Teen Mom, in which she appeared with adult-film star James Deen. You can just come over and chat with me. The conversation then turned to urinals. And of course, all of this comes after an impromptu serenade from Selena's notorious ex, Justin Bieber.

I'm not sensitive in that way. She has a fantastic attitude. I don't really have time to think about girls.