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On Sundaythe only thing you can look forward to is the work week. The emphasis is on international news, business, finance, and high culture. Suggest an example Results: A general election is to take place in Spain on Sunday.

According to Peter K. Am Sonntag morgen ist der Himmel mit hohen Wolken bedeckt.

Swiss Bellefontaine - NZZ am Sonntag November

Since the publishing house has been operating under the name NZZ Libro. We are flying to Germany on Sunday.

On Sunday we have another ministerial conclave, in which I will be taking part. Am Sonntag spielt Vater meistens Golf. On Sunday we played a game at home with Legia. Am Sonntag spielten wir ein Spiel zu Hause mit Legia.

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Am Sonntag wird eine weitere Ministertagung stattfinden, an der ich teilnehmen werde. Only since has it added color picturesmuch later than most mainstream papers. (APK) - Free Download

I met an otolaryngologist at a party on Sunday. Am Sonntag machen wir ne Fahrraddemo gegen die Luftverschmutzung.

Am Sonntag habe ich die T-Shirt. Am Sonntag veranstalte ich eine Solution Party und ich brauche wirklich deine Hilfe.

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Am Sonntag spiele ich Tennis mit Emi. On SundayI worked and could not attend. The sky will be covered by high clouds on Sunday morning. Am Sonntag gibt es eine Feier. Features and lifestyle stories are kept to a minimum.

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On Sunday arrived small group of whippets. On Sunday not until half past four. On Sundayhe sent all the boats out. Am Sonntag werde ich Arbeit suchen.

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Am Sonntag finden in Spanien allgemeine Wahlen statt. We're planning a demonstration against air pollution on Sunday.

Books have been published since ; sincethe publishing house has been run as a separate profit centre.

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The result is a searchable digital archive, only publicly accessible on site. Am Sonntag war ich und nicht daran teilnehmen konnten. On Sunday I put the shirt.

Am Sonntag kam eine kleine Whippet-Gruppe an. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. On Sundaythe army killed five Palestinian policemen whom it regarded as suspects.

Doerr many prestige German language newspapers followed its example because it set, "standards through an objective, in-depth treatment of subject matter, eloquent commentary, an extensive section on entertainment, and one on advertising. Am Sonntag schickte er alle Boote hinaus.

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Am Sonntag fliegen wir nach Deutschland. Politically, the newspaper has been positioned close to the liberal Free Democratic Party of Switzerland since its early period.

On Sunday morning, she made pancake, Ted. Father mostly plays golf on Sunday. The publishing programme of specialist and non-fiction literature includes, among other things, political, cultural, historical and economic books, as well as biographies and illustrated books, predominantly with a Swiss reference.

Am Sonntag erst um halb 5.

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On SundayI play tennis with Emi. On Sunday I'll look for a job. We're having a celebration on Sunday. Am Sonntag Morgen machte sie Pfannkuchen, Ted. Its circulation wascopies in On SundayI'm hosting a solution six party, and I really need your help.