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And apparently her 'femininity'.

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This negated any gender role progressive leanings I thought existed here. She's equipped with the proper skills to protect not only herself, but others. To the extent you start to wonder how she functions as a human being when she is so Cutely Shoujo Oblivious.

In the meantime, Neiro gets to discover who else is in the baka class.

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Last updated on August 1st,5: I'm sure is due in part to the age of this story. After being known as a delinquent with the reputation of "Kansai's strongest woman", Neiro transfer schools to Kantou region and decides to have an image makeover. Strong female lead, but ver titans del pacifico online dating story by ohkimch August 1st,5: Starring in Obaka is Sonodo Neiro, a heroine of the strong, stubborn, and violent but not tsundere variety.

Still, this was a contributing factor to my low score. To the pt of reminding me of shounen OP heroes.

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What made her even better was how strong she was. But the style does grow on me, mostly since it fits the humorous actions of the characters quite well, and the way Zakuri is goofing off with it is simply hilarious.

You see an old woman being accosted by a gang of boys - what do you do? Why should she waste them in order to 'be more feminine'? Thus marks the beginning of an epic journey for the sake of the cast's relationships. I wasn't quite expecting it from the start, but by the time I recognized this series for more than just its comedy, I was seriously attached to the character pairings.

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Obaka-chan Koigatariki

She is reduced to being just a 'violent girl'. Yet this is a repeating theme. One of the male interests lingers over how he has negatively impacted her bc she had to rescue herself.

So she walks into the school and When dear Tokio, the man she punched returns for another challenge, he inadvertently triggers her temper yet again and gets another lashing, right in front of Prince Shin. Of course, it doesn't take long for Neiro to find out that dear prince Shin-sama is actually not so princy and is simply using others to fulfill personal desires amusement and otherwise.

What happened?

The high ratio of early chapter jokes will keep the reader laughing from page to page, and before they know it the plot has already thickened, its depth pulling them in.

Just as depression sets in and Neiro ponders about leaving for another school, she finds this super gorgeous princy guy napping in the courtyard and becomes a fan of him instantly.

The characters are quite archtypical and overdone by other series, but the way they interact is absolutely hilarious.

Just as Neiro becomes worried about her image in front of Shin, he comments from the distance that "like those kind of girls I'm not the biggest fan of Zakuri's art style, mainly because it feels like she's not putting enough love into drawing the characters to her full potential.

There's Tokio, the guy who received a broken nose from her, twice, and is just as much of a delinquent who lacks common sense; Nijika, the best-girl-friend whose fashionable and toys about with multiple boyfriends; Kenichi, the gay megane exhibitionist who supports her love love relationship; and Saburo, the guy so shy and quiet hearing him speak is like a school legend.

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She was an adorable cinnabun. Enjoyment 10 A new star in the genre of shoujo comedy, Obaka-chan Koigatari by Sato Zakuri starts off with a cliche but hilariously presented premise which soon takes a plot twist to become a spectacular love-polygon drama. Just as Shin begins to uncover his true intentions, Tokio steps in and forms the other side of the main characters love triangle by developing a crush towards Neiro from those beatdown and reveals a serious side to him that's both shy and naive.

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Spoiler mouse over to view Examples including how the 'common sense' test to get out of the 'special class' that caused her to fail were basically ethical conundrums. With such never-before-heard-of encouragement since guys run away from herNeiro finishes breaking Tokio's nose for a second time in the same chapter and decides that she wants to become Shin's girlfriend, even if the distance between them is worlds apart: The images tend to feel hazy at times and the luster of the characters' features isn't quite consistent.

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As a result of both her past and current idiocy, she get enrolled into a special class: Her negative traits, like her lack of intelligence, are the focal pts. Straightforward, honest, genuine, kind, and just plain good-hearted.