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They dropped him like a hot potato when they learned that he had accepted a place on the Republican Committee of the State. This familiar saying is of obvious origin. Undergo depletion of energy, strength, or interest. Besides We had many problems besides the mortgage.

Difficult and full of obstacles or problems.

95 Synonyms for Difficult: List of Synonyms and Definitions

Difficult in terms or physical or mental exertion. The trick is knowing to choose the right word, and you can't pick the right word unless you actually know it. Difficult or impossible to understand.

Causing difficulty or annoyance. Also more formal than "as well" and "too" Jim is a great singer.

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The phrase is often used in expressions such as bat on a sticky wicket, be on a sticky wicket. Likewise, the government needed to put an end to it.

Published by Houghton Mifflin. Yet You came late yet another time. Requiring so much to complete as to seem impossible. Because of the sponginess and sluggishness of the ground, the ball does not roll and bounce as predictably as on a dry field, and the player must therefore adapt to the situation by being exceptionally accurate and careful.


Demanding as a Dickens novel with a cast of hundreds —Ira Wood Difficult as an elephant trying to pick up a pea —H. Besides selling pastries, this bakery also offers a wide selection of drinks. Difficult or awkward informal. I would need further information on this.

Difficult to control; unruly. The main difficulty is a shortage of time.

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She is a beautiful woman and, moreover, a talented actress. Not all of them are completely interchangeable, so be careful not to just copy and paste at random. More often than not, it causes a thin layer of glaze to form around the eyes, as the reader loses focus and becomes increasingly unable to power through the written work.

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Open to multiple interpretations; difficult to interpret. His topics include ground-based remote sensing, ground-based zenith-looking radio visibility at microwave frequencies over a tropical location, ground-based radiometric sensing of thermodynamic variables in the polar regions, microwave radiometric estimation of excess electrical path, and characterizing rain and attenuation in the Earth-space path.

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Demanding great effort and labor. The people wanted to stop the fighting. Likewise formal The first week was very hard.

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It was also very hot. Causing distress, difficulty, or trouble.

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Mentally difficult; causing stress. Difficult to consider; depressing or worrying. Radiocarbon dating is one such type of radiometric dating.

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