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Well basically, a oral history interviews online dating society would mean that the means of production would be owned by them and that the fruits of their labor would be divided on a more equitable basis than it was.

Contextualized thoughtfully, they can help a reader understand personal experience as something deeply social. Eventually, she worked there at the War Manpower Commission. The topical range of oral history interviews is enormous, including everything from the most public of historical events to the most intimate details of private life.

Nonetheless, more than one interviewer has had the experience described by Thomas Dublin as he reflected upon his interviews with coal mining families: Watch dx new and improved online dating visit our Collection page for additional information on individual interviews, collections, and ways to access the collection.

And I never refused to feed anybody that came to my door and asked. She recounts the inventions and schemes her father, a brick mason, thought up to try to earn money for her mother and their seven children during the Depression.

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She moved in with her grandmother in Boyle Heights and found work as a riveter for Lockheed in California, despite her negative feelings towards the political aspects of the war. Some woman was in the floor below, this was where they made the hotdogs.

He remembers rationing during World War II, the local response to Pearl Harbor, and the lack of concern for the danger of his work. She has worked on, consulted for, and written about oral history projects for more than twenty-five years.

Interviews are also often exercises in historical resuscitation, efforts to revive popular memory about a subject precisely at that moment when it is about to slip away-hence the enormous number of interviews done in the s and s with pre-World War I immigrants.

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Some are illiterate; others, too busy. By the way they were all young. He discusses the work of his and other ministries in serving the spiritual needs of war industry workers, many living far from their original homes.

Betty Coates [Transcript in progress] Interviewer: We always had medical attention. Where possible, there is a narrative description about the organization and its oral history collection, as well as information about the content of the collection.

I see a great, big, dark pack on my back, and it had me all bent over and my shoulders drawn down, all hunch up.

Topics discussed include police practices of the s and s, Fay's views as a long-term resident of the city, several interesting calls that he went on, and his experiences as he moved up through the ranks of the department to Lieutenant. Like narrators, interviewers have social identities that are played out in the dynamic of the interview.

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Edward Fuller, and he sure was a good man. What is analytically important, however, is the way narrators structure their accounts and the way they select and arrange the elements of what they are saying.

I mean this sort of thing.

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An agency of the New Deal Works Progress Administration, the FWP was deeply populist in intent and orientation; the life histories were designed to document the diversity of the American experience and ways ordinary people were coping with the hardships of the Great Depression. In his interview, he discusses his life and times; the racial discrimination his family faced in the South and that he faced on the job in Detroit; a changing Richmond, and his role at the North Richmond Missionary Baptist Church.

As an American Indian of two tribes who married a Navajo man, Mrs. Lots of wickedness gone on in dem days, just as it do now, some good, some mean, black and white, it just dere nature, if dey good dey going to be kind to everybody, if dey mean dey going to be mean to everybody.

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Following the war, she completed her doctorate at the University of Illinois before teaching and serving as an administrator at Cornell University, Harvard University, and the University of California, Berkeley.

After the war, he settled in the Bay Area for good this time, working on bridges as a tow truck operator, and finishing his career as a dispatcher on the Bay Bridge. He describes experiences during the war in the Bay Area, including violence in Oakland, prejudice, gambling and his solitary life on the base.

The Indians forgot God and dey had to be taught better so dey land was taken away from dem. Nadine Wilmot Charles Huff was born and raised in Oklahoma.

Making Sense of Oral History

Who is the Interviewer? I was just wondering whether you found it a struggle during the Depression. Sarah Selvidge Date of Interview: We want to organize too. The Program records, transcribes, and archives oral history interviews covering a wide variety of subject matter in order to preserve local, state, and U.

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He married Miss Mikell, a lady what lived on Edisto Island, who was a slave owner, and we lived on Edisto on a plantation.

Robin Li Date of Interview: They also perhaps reflect the egocentric and valorizing tendencies of an interview, in which one person is asked, generally by a respectful, even admiring interviewer, to talk about his life.

Shortly after graduation, he found work as a ship fitter in the Vancouver Shipyards.