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The secret menu contains nine different items: Make sure you read the nutritional information before you order, though, as these lavish meals can quickly become diet-destroyers. Many are takes on their regular menu items with a few alterations. According to Hack The Menuthis coveted bowl is so rare, it seems possible it's been discontinued.

The people have spoken: Your way or the highway: Though these numbers vary based on one's age and weight, it's safe to say that many of these Chipotle creations far exceed any acceptable daily range.

So before you ask for a taco salad or burritodilla, make sure you know just what you're getting into. In order to successfully create order chipotle quesadilla online dating dish, you need to make sure your Chipotle location carries the very special taco salad bowl.

Chipotle's secret nacho dish is perfect for sharing with friends - plus, you'll want someone to take half of this calorie dish Nachos Nachos are such an easy modification, you may already have ordered them without realizing it.

You might want to consider sharing this secret menu item, as an order of nachos with chicken boasts calories, In addition to being physically humongous, the quesarito is also off the charts calorie-wise.

Fans on Twitter can't help but rave about calorie-heavy yet irresistible secret menu item Quesarito The quesarito is exactly what it sounds like: Since you already customize your order as you go, getting one of these lesser-known meals is sure to be a breeze.

Unlike some other restaurants where the secret menu will leave employees scratching their heads, the Chipotle secret menu is very straightforward. The burritodilla is a smaller, lighter version of the quesarito, with about half the fillings of its monstrous cousin.

But only the truest fans of the Mexican-inspired chain will know about Chipotle's secret menu.

A chicken quesarito will set you back calories, 78 grams of fat, and milligrams of sodium. The secret menu at Chipotle gives die-hard fans of the restaurant tons of new things to try But burrito-lovers beware: That said, you can expect a chicken burritodilla to pack calories, There are even reports of one man who ate Chipotle every day for a year.

The quesarito transforms your favorite burrito into a cheese-filled wonderland by wrapping it in a warm quesadilla Glowing reviews! Though the Chipotle taco salad is extremely rare, you can make a pretty good equivalent by ordering your salad toppings on a bed of chips Taco Salad The taco salad is as rare of a secret menu item as they come.

Order your Chipotle quesadilla by asking for two tortillas stuffed with your favorite toppings, then grilled to perfection Quesadilla This item is so simple, we're surprised it's not already on the regular menu.

Daily Mail Online has reached out to Chipotle for clarification, and we will update as soon as they respond.

Simply replace the rice in any burrito bowl with a bed of chips before layering on plenty of cheese and your favorite nacho toppings. The United States Office of Disease Prevention recommends no more than 65 grams of fat and 2, milligrams of sodium per day for an individual on an average 2, calorie diet.

The burritodilla is a lighter take on the quesarito, with half the fillings and therefore half the calories Burritodilla If the quesarito sounds like a dream come true but you forgot to wear your pants with the elastic waistband today, fear not!

A chicken quesadilla, without any other toppings, comes in at calories, If you want sour cream with that - it's a whole other story. Simply take two tortillas and stuff them full of cheese and your favorite toppings before pressing them on the grill.