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Times, Sunday Times They're not too overttoo ostentatious or showy.


People who are described as ostentatious—or who have lifestyles described as such—typically are seen as spending money in boksplott online dating way that makes it clear that they have a lot of it.

People and things described as ostentatious seem to have put themselves on display; they are practically begging to be looked at. Ostentatious is often applied to buildings that can also be described as luxurious—mansions, fancy high-rises, huge houses with marble columns. Their consumption may also be described with the word, in which case the emphasis is on the impressive things they buy.


Times, Sunday Times It is the opposite of ostentatious display. Less often, ostentatious is applied to what attracts attention ostentatious definition yahoo dating because of an implied luxury but because of some other quality. Origin and Etymology of ostentatious.

The word is not compliment. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'ostentatious. Times, Sunday Times The pulpit is not the place for ostentatious display of one's skill.

Times, Sunday Times The drinks are less ostentatious too.

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Read more… An ostentatious display of wealth like that could have easily got them burgled. Someone's boastful declarations about volunteer work may be described, for example, as ostentatious.

Times, Sunday Times The ostentatious wealth of the new rich only served to highlight the destitution of the rest of society. Times, Sunday Times That first house was horribly ostentatious. Times, Sunday Times There is status in ostentatious display. Translations for 'ostentatious' British English: When the word is applied to objects like clothes and jewelry, the idea is the same: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France All too often charity fundraisers descend into ostentatious displays of wealth by people with more money than taste.

Times, Sunday Times Flats also satisfy our requirements to appear less ostentatious. Example sentences containing 'ostentatious' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

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Christianity Today They do not consider their own large, ostentatious houses common. Ostentatious comes from a Latin word meaning "display," and the idea of display is still very apparent in the English word as it is currently used. Sometimes the description appears in the negative, as when we're told that a house is large, but not ostentatious, which means that it's large but not in a way that calls attention to itself.

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