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Bradley answered with some body work and combos of his own, in a bout that appeared to be increasingly personal. Pacquiao came out with some impressive movement and was taking the center of the ring early in the round, while Bradley seemed to be attempting to find his range and work some early body shots.

Bradley was comfortable putting his back against the ropes and was urging Pacquiao to come after him, where Pacquiao unloaded on Bradley with Bradley looking for a big counter.

Pacquiao eventually landed a huge shot but never followed up. It was the second time that Bradley wobbled in the punch, but only one of the times appeared to be due to a punch.

The nature of that defeat should provide Pacquiao with the incentive to fight with a greater sense of urgency in the rematch. Bradley was throwing huge shots, but Pacquiao was landing punches at a higher volume and with much greater accuracy.

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It was a fairly even round with neither fighter really establishing themselves as the more dominant in that round. Bradley became more strategic in the fourth and returned to his jab instead of throwing everything into each punch and Bradley landed a stiff right hand that momentarily staggered Pacquiao.

Pacquiao served the role of the counter fighter in this round before Bradley backed up. As for Bradley, he needs to attempt to re-create what he datingbuzz ukulele in the later portion of the first fight -- only better. After Pacquiao began finding his rhythm and unloading punches in bunches, things settled in the eighth.

Bradley was finding his groove after giving away some early rounds with the pace by both fighters beginning to slow. There was very little effort from Bradley to string his punches together, and that appeared to be leading to his demise as Pacquiao began to pull away.

Not only is Pacquiao the type of big-ticket draw that MMA needs more of, but seeing him attempt to avenge a contentious defeat should make for great theater. This time around, the judges did not wrong Pacquiao and he was able to reclaim his title.

Pacquiao landed a three-punch combination that got the crowd to roar, before he landed a huge left hand that rocked Bradley and sent him back pedaling. After the previous decision, it is hard to argue with the logic of the highly respected trainer.

Manny Pacquiao won by decision. For some mixed martial arts fans, shady results such as those that were present in the first Pacquiao-Bradley bout are why they choose not to follow boxing on a regular basis.

WBO Welterweight Championship

With that in mind, expect him to push the pace throughout the bout while attempting to land a greater volume of strikes than the first time around. After the bout got off to a thrilling start, Pacquiao began to string together his combinations and find his groove as he ran away with the fight convincingly.

The fifth-round was even with both fighters getting in their licks, but Bradley landed the first significant shot of the round and served as the aggressor.

The fight is live on pay-per-view beginning at 9 p.

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Bradley allowed Pacquiao to continue pepperig away at him, but there was no damage done. Bradley got off to a quick start in the second round as both fighters began utilizing the jab more.

Nonetheless, Pacquiao-Bradley 2 should not be a difficult sell for any combat sports aficionado. Freddie Roach has gone so far as to say that Pacquiao needs to win all 12 rounds to get the nod from the judges.

You could see the confidence building for Pacquiao as his punches continued to land.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 Preview

Both fighters were warned about clashing heads, before Bradley came out of the break with two wild uppercuts. Pacquiao wins by decision.

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Pacquiao quickly recovered and circled away, but Bradley chased Pacquiao around the ring and gave him no room to breathe. Bradley was not finding his offense while Pacquiao was clearly in his rhythm, and he landed a heavy punch that wild Bradley.

Bradley struggled to get his legs under him for the remainder of the round, with Pacquiao keeping the pressure on. Both men opened up as the bout came to a close, but an accidental headbutt halted the fight with 12 seconds to go after cutting Pacquiao open.

When the action resumed, Bradley threw a wild combo, but never landed the shot that he was looking for.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 Preview

Both fighters were looking for the counters and the big shot that could give them an early advantage, but exchanges stayed to a minimum. Bradley was attempting to keep Pacquiao at a distance, but Pacquiao continued to press forward with his guard high.

Pacquiao was not rushing in like he had in the first meeting between the two but Bradley turned it on at the end of the round and worked Pacquiao up against the ropes until the bell rang.

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Of course, one does not have to search for too long before running across a laundry list of disputed decisions in MMA, either. Bradley appeared to be hurt, but recovered with just one minute to go.

Pacquiao continued to find a home for his combinations in the third as he appeared to begin finding his groove. He was going to need something big. If he can use the ring well and keep Pacquiao guessing with a technical approach, then he has at least a decent chance of pulling off another upset.

Bradley looked to either be injured or just exhausted, because his lack of commitment to the combinations continued to be an issue.

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Super fights, whether in boxing or MMA, never fail to inspire passion; and for Bradley, who has been known to train with UFC featherweight contender Cub Swanson, the rematch represents a chance to prove he was not merely gifted a decision the first time around. The crowd began to quiet near the end of the round, while Bradley kept his hands low and Pacquiao attempted to throw combinations to take advantage of the openings.

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Pacquiao has not struggled often during his illustrious career -- and it did not appear that he did against Bradley -- but when he has it has occurred against foes unwilling to brawl with him. Even if Pacquiao does not surpass his output from the first bout, a solid effort should get him the nod.

Timothy Bradley via unanimous decision, In addition, if Pacquiao can put together a few more wins, it keeps alive the faint hopes of a dream showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Pacquiao picked up the aggression and closed the distance while Bradley was fighting to hang on and landed a hard shot of his own. Pacquiao was stalking Bradley, with neither fighter throwing significant shots.

It was the closest round of the fight.

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Here is a look at their rematch: There was no doubt both guys were looking to make a statement and stop this fight from going to the judges. However, the final six frames saw Bradley utilize more movement and counter punching, and while it did not appear that he was able to hurt Pacquiao, it was apparently enough to earn the nod from two judges.

The first six rounds were right up his alley, as he brawled with Bradley and beat his opponent to the punch on a consistent basis. Pacquiao will be too motivated to let history repeat itself, and do not think that those judging ringside are not aware of the scrutiny they will be facing.

You can check out our play-by-play from the fight below: Bradley was getting more arrogant and showy as the fight continued, while Pacquiao picked up his speed and combinations.

Because of the volume and control of the ring, Pacquiao got the narrow edge.