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Through managed maintenance, the Maintenance Operations and Grounds Department will support the District facilities to provide the District community with a safe environment.

Objective 3 Intervention Implement tiered academic and behavioral intervention programs for students with identified needs. By Septemberprovide rigorous, research based instructional program for all students.

By Januarypresent Communication Plan to Board for adoption. By Septemberdevelop and implement district wide model for providing strategic and intensive intervention services.

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By Octoberdevelop and begin implementation of return to work program for injured workers. Objective 3 Maintenance Operations and Grounds Implement deferred maintenance and routine maintenance programs which will extend the useful life of all buildings and prevent premature capital outlay for replacement.

By Mayconduct job analysis for each position in HR. Objective 5 Communication Plan Develop a plan that improves internal and external communication systems with the specific goal of creating open, two way communication between the Board of Education, administration, staff, students, parents and the District communities.

By Augustcommunicate Strategic Plan to all staff.

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Objective 2 Facilities Planning and Construction Implement a plan to gain a clear understanding of all necessary needs for school sites and guarantee that all District sites are safe and provide the best education environment possible.

The Breakfast Program will be expanded to all 23 school sites. Develop desk manuals for each position. Communicate that plan out to all stakeholders.

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By MayBoard adopts Strategic Plan. By Augustimplement a district wide Wi Fi. By Augustimplement Phase 1 of one to one student computing. By Junedetermine funding sources and funding availability for library inventory expansion.

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By Decemberdevelop a 10 year build out projection for the District s residential development. Education is a partnership between the school, family and our community.

By Julydevelop an enrollment trends report covering the past 3 5 years. By Julyidentify first projects. By Septemberprovide access to technology for all students. Goal Engage and collaborate with groups inside and out of the District community for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

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Objective 3 Workers Compensation Develop and implement a management plan for the District s workers compensation By Julycomplete the transfer of worker s compensation cases from Superintendent s office to the HSRM Specialist.

By Septemberdevelop and implement protocols for monitoring student progress.

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Transcription 1 Panama-Buena Vista Union School District The Panama Buena Vista Union School District is focused on a set of values and beliefs that all members of the school district parents, students, teachers, and staff will follow in order to commit to a learning environment that supports the positive academic and behavioral growth of all students.

Objective 5 Programs Provide a balanced educational program that engages all students. Objective 4 Breakfast at all schools Breakfast will be available at each school site including Opportunity.

By Octoberdevelop a report of operational costs to revenue.

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Objective 3 continued By Septemberdevelop plan to restructure Mild Moderate Special Education programs to increase general education access to students with disabilities.

By JulyBoard adopts Strategic Plan. By Juneidentify classrooms for first phase of one to one computing. By Januaryidentify strategies for improving student attendance. By Septemberdissolve all student issues.

Objective 4 Strategic Plan Publish a Strategic Plan that clearly communicates the priorities, goals, objectives and strategies of the District and is aligned with the 8 LCAP state priorities. By Julynon profit status.

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