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Meanwhile, Leslie tells Ann she is nervous about her first date with Pawnee police officer Dave Sanderson. I'm gonna go see a man about some porcelain, you know what I mean?

"Road Trip"

I want th em to get together, sue me. This is actually the dress Julia Roberts wore as prostitute in Pretty Woman. Actress nina foch dating robert horton age difference was a constant hurdle.

The next day, Leslie and Ben run into each other alone. In hindsight, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to him.

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The speech clearly impresses both the judges and Leslie, and Pawnee is ultimately selected for the tournament. Tom confronts Ron, who immediately calls a truce to the game to prevent his secret from getting out.

The drinking age is twenty-one. Storyline Edit Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt still harbor strong romantic feelings for each other but cannot date due to Chris Traeger 's strict policy against workplace dating. Parks and recreation andy dating rule challenges are the key to his future?

A thrilled Andy reconciles with April.

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Rock God Hold up your cell phones and lighters, because this one's going out to Li'l Sebastian. Later, Ron declares himself the winner when he tells Tom he knows Tom's marriage to Wendy Haverford is a green card marriage to prevent her from being deported to Canada.

He insists they sleep at his home in Indianapolis, ruining their night. He visits her late at night and tells him about an affair he had with a married woman at age 16, among other secrets.

I'm gonna need a different metaphor to give this nine year old. I'm going to the bathroom. Ron initially resists, but soon espouses his libertarian beliefs to her.

Leslie brought note cards with "topics of conversation" and engages in fake-sounding "practice laughing.

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The episode featured several appearances by actors who had appeared in previous Parks episodes, including Jay Jackson as Pawnee reporter Perd Hapley and stand-up comedian Kirk Fox as sewage department employee Joe.

Porter also praised Rob Lowe's performance, and said it made the character likeable even as he kept Leslie and Ben apart.

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She eagerly accepts his anti-government views. It quickly becomes clear that Jerry and Donna know much more about each other than the recently married Andy and April.

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Leslie reluctantly accepts Ben's invitation to a celebratory dinner that night, where Ben brings up his feelings for Leslie.

He illustrates the concept of taxes by eating 40 percent of Lauren's lunch, to compare his actions to those of the government.

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He then falsely claims that film was based on the drama film Kramer vs. She slips away to call Ann for advice, and she urges Leslie to act on her feelings. A rating point represents one percent of the total number of television sets in American households, and a share means the percentage of television sets in use tuned to the program.

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Andy never gave thought to any career aside from playing music. Plot[ edit ] Leslie Amy Poehler still harbors strong romantic feelings for Ben Adam Scott but cannot date him due to Chris' Rob Lowe strict policy against workplace dating. Andy strikes the difficult balance between doofus and teddy bear.

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It was originally broadcast on May 12,and ran back-to-back with the Parks and Recreation episode " The Fight ", which aired immediately before.

But he called it a "sweet episode" for its developments with Leslie and Ben, and said Ron and Chris were especially funny in their scenes. After watching more footage of Dexhart, Mark decides he wants Ann to learn all his own dark secrets from him.

"Practice Date"

She slips away to call Ann for advice, and she urges Leslie to act on her feelings. April seeks advice from Ann because, although she dislikes her, Ann previously dated Andy for several years.

He insists they sleep at his home in Indianapolis, ruining their night. Tom insists nobody could find any dirt on him, prompting the parks department employees to start a game in which to see who can get the most dirt on each other. The next day, Lauren's furious mother reveals her daughter's assignment was "Why Government Matters", and that Lauren simply wrote "It doesn't".

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Tom visits the bar and learns Duke Silver is actually Ron himself, who plays saxophone in a jazz club as an alter ego. Ann took the ambitious, professional route and Andy finally had more time for his Xbox.

Kramerwhich he incorrectly believes was written by the English poet and playwright William Shakespeare. He particularly praised the way scene when Ben describes his feelings for Leslie through his description to the baseball tournament panel about why he loves Pawnee.

Andy almost sued the city when he fell into a construction pit while intoxicated and broke both of his legs. And without Burt Macklin, there is no justice. Some of his best material involved his pit accident and his romantic turmoil with Ann and April.