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Moreover, as the society is getting more civic conscious and aware about the legal framework, the jobs in Law are also gaining popularity and high scope.

Overall, respondents reported that their perceptions of the effects of patents on the cost, access, and development of genetic tests, or data sharing among researchers, speed dating commercial eharmony login negative.

Solicitor Solicitor is a kind of advisor to clients on a variety of matters that involves law.

Distant law

The District Attorney is usually an elected official. Solicitor's firms undertake cases related to their area of work. It will be conducted twice in a year.

Defence Service They can work in the legal branches of defence departments such as the Indian army, Navy and Air force. It may have great scope in international organisations and NGOs as well. Public Defenders At the state, federal and local level, public defenders serve as court-appointed attorneys for those who cannot afford an attorney.

Eligibility is graduation in any field. Advocate An advocate practises in the court of law. Lawyers act as both advocates and advisors on behalf of their clients.

Lex Situs is a leading corporate law and property advisory firm in Bangalore. Teacher Those with a good aptitude and taste for teaching, can go for LL.

Here is a list of some of the top Law Colleges in India and their official sites

Twenty-five percent of respondents reported that they had stopped performing a clinical genetic test because of a patent or license. A qualified lawyer employed in government department has pay packages as per the terms and conditions of the government.

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Each Proximate center, located through out Indiawill have a two-three day intensive contact seminars. One may also volunteer and work in labour courts and counsel the Government on Legislative matters and issues. Some Universities have a flexible attendance pattern so as not to inundate participants with extra load.

We follow a dynamic and progressive approach to provide high quality Indian law expertise with an internet Area of Practice: If you work with a smaller District Attorney's office, you may have the option of handling diverse caseloads. Remuneration Salaries of experienced attorneys vary widely according to the type, size, and location of their employer.

Here is a list of courses and institutes to choose from: A lawyer is an individual licensed by the state to engage in the practice of law and advise clients on legal matters.

A candidate for admission to the PG Diploma in International Humanitarian Laws should have in addition two years experience in any field.

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Study centres and exam centre are located only at Bangalore. Solicitors explain the cases of his clients to the advocates. Solicitor Advices the government on legal matters and submit statement of important cases to Attorney General of India for his opinion or appearance in the Supreme court as necessary.

Lawyers Registration

The duration of these courses is one year. Those appointed as judges have good remunerations and other perks offered by the government. Attendance in study-seminars, sessions and counselling sessions carry a weightage of 20 per cent.

There are also legal secretaries appointed in assemblies, law inspectors, legal officers in banks, judicial members of income tax, sales tax and excise departments, government advocates and staff in the registrar of companies' office.

One of the best ways to gain trial experience quickly after graduation is to work at a state attorney's office.

Indian citizens who have completed HSC or equivalent may apply for most of the courses. We conclude that patents and licenses have had a significant effect on the ability of clinical laboratories to develop and provide genetic tests.

Legal Advisors They work in legal departments of firms or for private clients. To qualify for the exams students have to attend 50 per cent of programmes conducted.

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Some Universities distribute a Handbook especially to external students. He represents a party individual, group of individuals or a company in a court of law.

Additional qualification along with law degree offers scope for a wide range of employment opportunities.


Legal Advisers Public sector undertakings and state and central government organisations also employ lawyers as advisers. Eligibility differs for each course.

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Opportunities exist in the defense services too. Solicitors need never appear in court directly. While magistrate presides over criminal court, munsif delivers judgment on civil cases.

Law Firms and Lawyers in Bangalore

Pratibha V, who has pursued Cyber Laws from Government Law College, says, "This course being very relevant, has helped me not only to achieve excellence in my area of work, but has also enhanced my job prospects. The student's progress in the course is also evaluated through their performance in a specially designed internal assessment test to be sent along with the initial dispatch.

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These degrees can help you in your business or to fight crime or work for the welfare of society, depending on your area of interest. The University supplies study material either immediately on admission or when the first Personal Contact Programme is conducted.

Fifty-three percent of respondents reported deciding not to develop a new clinical genetic test because of a patent or license. Other fields Lawyer can also work as legal counsel and legal advisers for firms, organizations and families.

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He is appointed on application to Central, State government to draw, verify, authenticate, certify and attest the execution of any deed. One who wishes to become an advocate and practice law as a profession in India, should enroll with the local State Central Bar council.

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Shoba Fernandes lists some some universities and courses you could choose from The legal profession as we see today is perhaps one of the fastest growing and lucrative ones.

The maximum period prescribed for completion of all the requirements for the award of the diploma is two years from the completion of the regular year of enrollment. However, for Diploma in Law of Mergers, Acquisitions and Reconstruction Comprehensive applicants should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognised Indian or foreign university.

Half performed tests for research purposes as well. Writer If he has a flair for writing may act as an author and produce journals and legal commentaries and bring out law reports.

On the other hand, others are concerned that, without intellectual property protection, research would not be done to make the discoveries on which genetic tests are based, and the test would not be developed after the discovery was made. Ten of these were excluded because they did not conduct DNA-based genetic tests.

Notary, Oath Commissioner A notary is a legal practitioner of at least ten years experience in the profession. An increase in the number of patents that cover genetic sequences has raised concerns about the impact of these patents on the ability of physicians to provide clinical genetic testing services and perform research necessary to refine or develop new tests or therapeutics.

Legal Advisors and Legal Advisors. Lawyers preferring private sector have more lucrative pay packages. Patent Registration in Bangalore Patent Registration in Bangalore The growth of patents that include genetic sequences has been accompanied by about their impact on the ability of physicians to obtain clinical genetic testing services and to perform research.

Law Courses in India

A Solicitor General makes sure that the Attorney General performs his duties properly. Graduates from any discipline from or equivalent can apply. Oath commissioner is another established authority similar to the notary.

They also check deeds, issue writs, collect information for affidavits and draft legal documents.