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He remained with two planned quads in the short program and three in the free program despite the quad fever that could be observed in the sport.

Despite the errors, he won the free skate with He placed 3rd in the short program after popping his planned quadruple-triple combination, scoring His free skating and total scores were the second and third highest, respectively, under the ISU judging system as of the event.

He went on to complete another triple Salchow as the last jump of his skate, which — having been repeated in the program — was rated as an invalid element, and received no points.

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In the free program, he landed his three planned quadruple jumps and scored I am proud I can take it home and share it with the people. His nearly 14 point lead from the short program was enough however to win the event overall with He expressed his aspirations afterwards: For my country I hope it means a lot also.

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I am sure they are as happy as I am. He has joined an elite group of skaters able to dominate the event for 6 years or more: He reached a total score of His score of He trailed Japan's Shoma Uno after the short program at the Russian Grand Prix event, having tripled one of his quad attempts.

He placed first in the short program with a clean skate, buy drie fonteinen framboos online dating points ahead of Russia's Sergei Voronov.

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He is really tough competition. At the World Championships in Helsinkihe delivered the best short program of his career, which included faultless jump elements a quad-triple toe loop combination, a quad Salchow and a triple Axelthree level four spins, and received maximum grades of execution from every judge for the step sequence.

He placed second in the segment with In December, he won his fourth national title.


He recovered to place second in the free skate, again behind Hanyu, with a program that included two quad jumps, six triple jumps, and level-four spins and footwork, but he tripled a planned quad Salchow jump [66] and singled a triple Lutz jump. I know it means a lot for my family, they put so much effort, so much money, so much time into this.

On the day of the free skate, the medical team of the event attended to his injury for several hours and helped him to alleviate the problem.

He skated a clean short program and earned He later joked, "I have to make sure I lose my skates again!

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With this score, he became only the second man in history to break points in that segment. He made several costly mistakes in the free program as well and finished 6th in the segment His only major mistake was popping a planned second quad Salchow into a double.

His only major error was a fall on a quad Salchow attempt. After the short program, he could do little practice due to a recurring bursa on the heel of his right foot.

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He became the first Spanish skater to stand on a World Championships podium in figure skating. I will fight all the way.

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Overall, he outscored Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu silver and Olympic bronze medalist Denis Ten bronze for the gold medal, having received a total of He landed three quads in his free skate along with five triples, but singled a planned triple Lutz and added only a double as the second jump of his quad Salchow combination.

In the free skate, he landed a quad toe loop and a quad Salchow — the latter in combination — but tripled a second quad Salchow attempt. His only mistake was turning out of the landing of the quad Salchow.

Finishing with a total score of It means a lot.

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He hit all planned jumps in the short program to receive Alexei Ulanov—72 and Alexander Zaitsev—78 in pairs. It means the world. The program included a quad-triple toe loop combination, a quad Salchow, a triple Axel and all level 4 elements.

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Overall, he won the silver medal behind Yuzuru Hanyu. He skated a clean short program including two quads one in combination with a triplea triple Axel and all level four elements to claim first place in the segment and achieve a new personal best of He took a commanding lead in the short program with a nearly flawless performance which included a quad-triple toe loop combination, a triple Axel and level 4 spins.

Javier Fernández Revolution on Ice Málaga Tickets

His performance earned He received nine perfect I have been training to be first, but we know how good a talent Yuzu is. But his step sequence was rated level-three and his triple Axel was not perfect.

He finished fourth overall at the final after winning the free program with a 4S-3T jump combination, 4S, and 4T.